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10 tips to help you book the perfect vacation in the Islands of Tahiti!

The Islands of Tahiti, composed of 118 islands and atolls, of which 67 are inhabited, offer a wide range of accommodation options. It can be easy for you and your client to become overwhelmed with choice, so Goway Travel’s team of Idyllic Islands Experts (who have experienced the destination first-hand) can help you plan the perfect vacation for your client.

Here are our Goway’s 10 tips to help book the perfect Islands of Tahiti vacation:

1. Book Early. As a premier destination, demand in the Islands of Tahiti outstrips supply, and there are no last minute specials. Your clients will often need to book a minimum of 90-180 days in advance to get the best deals.

2. Seasonality. Flexible travel dates can help keep the overall cost down. Travelling in “low” season from 01 November to 31 March offers the best deals as this is when hotels and airlines have the biggest discounts available. April and May are considered “shoulder season,” so depending on the hotel you may still be able to find great deals during these months as well.

Snorkelling in Bora Bora

3. Stick to a hotel chain. Many resorts in the Islands of Tahiti offer discounts (a combo rate) for staying with the same brand (InterContinental, Sofitel or Pearl Resort of Tahiti) across multiple islands. This can mean significant savings as well as a consistent experience throughout your client’s stay.

4. Domestic flight options. If your clients are visiting several islands, booking them an “Air Pass” offers the best value, allowing them the ease of island hopping on one ticket. If they are only visiting one island, it’s best to book the inter-island and international flight on one ticket.

5. Mix Up the Room Type. Offer your clients different room types (Garden Pool Bungalow/Beach/Overwater Bungalow) on each of the different islands. Not only does this highlight what each island or resort is known for, it also gives your clients a variety of accommodation experiences, and can be a great way to stretch their money further.

6. Meals. Pre-booking meals offer your clients convenience and savings as they are paying in their currency and will avoid additional taxes in destination.

7. Consider less “famous” islands. While most people only know about popular islands like Bora Bora and Moorea, some of the lesser-known (but equally beautiful) islands like Huahine, Tikehau, Taha’a can offer incredible value.

8. Know your client’s budget. For most, this is a trip of a lifetime, where the average couple will easily spend $10,000+. It’s important to have a starting point and understand the additional costs they will experience in this destination.

Standup Paddle Boarding at Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa

9. Pre-book excursions. The Islands of Tahiti offer a ton of activities (e.g. swim with manta rays, ATV tours) to choose from, but being a boutique destination, there isn’t a lot of space. Book in advance to avoid disappointment. On average, most people will book an excursion every other day during their stay on the Islands of Tahiti.

10. Save the best for last. When hopping through the Islands of Tahiti, it’s always best to end on a high. We always suggest offering the overwater bungalow “splurge” at the end of the trip, so your client’s trip of a lifetime ends with a bang.

Remember Goway’s Idyllic Islands Experts specialize in customized itineraries that include accommodations, day excursions, meal packages, spa services, inter-island flights, transfers, and international airfares. They are also available to do conference calls to help you close the booking. For more information and sample, vacation ideas visit Goway.com.

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