GowayPro Spotlight: GROUP TRAVEL

Want to travel for free or increase your revenue? Want to help your clients find great travel value or enjoy the benefits of exploring the world alongside like-minded travellers? Whatever your reasons for selling group travel, Goway Groups Only makes booking groups easy.

For over 50 years, Goway Groups Only have been the experts in tailor-made group vacations for groups of 10 or more travellers. We can craft any kind of group trip to over 115 countries on all seven continents. Our team of 28 Group Specialists (and counting) is one of the largest group travel teams in North America. These specialists have the working knowledge and expertise to ensure your group is not only profitable, but so thrilled with their travel experiences that they want to book another trip with you.

Goway Groups Only will not help you design the perfect itinerary for your group, but will also assist you every step of the way with exclusive group planning tools. These include tips and tricks on how to market your group and the support of our Account Managers, who assist you with a complimentary marketing coaching session.

Remember, there’s minimal risk, but huge reward with group travel. Group trips only require a $1,000 deposit for the entire group, regardless of size, and deposits are fully transferable to a later date. We also help you market with support and marketing dollars, so know that we’re with you every step of the group travel journey.

Find your crew, gather your gang, and craft a custom group vacation with Goway Groups Only today.


Book a group trip with Goway Groups Only during the month of February 2024 to receive a $50 bonus on your GowayPro Visa Rewards Card. This is in addition to your regular GowayPro cash rewards!

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Plan with the Experts in Group Travel

Our Group Specialists know the ins and outs of group travel, so whether you’re new to planning group travel or a seasoned veteran, you’ll work with experts who can help you every step of the way. We not only understand the complex world of group travel planning, but draw on immense resources and industry connections to secure the best price and travel experiences for your group. Our Specialists are passionate travellers and draw on their extensive training and first-hand knowledge of countries around the world to go beyond the ordinary and secure exceptional experiences your group will remember for a lifetime.

Top 10 Group Travel Destinations

Goway Groups Only can customize group trips to over 115 countries on all seven continents. These sample itineraries are the perfect jumping off point for your custom group trip. Remember that Goway’s Group Specialists are the experts in customizing itineraries to the specific needs of every group, no matter how unique.

  1. Dazzling Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  2. Sun Rise & Sun Downunders in South Africa
  3. Italian Delights
  4. Breathtaking Bali
  5. Egyptian Wonder
  6. Grecian Getaway
  7. Explore Ghana
  8. Australian Experience
  9. Hidden Corners of Portugal
  10. Peru At Your Table with Machu Picchu

Bonus 5 Up-and-Coming Group Travel Itineraries

  1. Incredible Argentina with Iguassu Falls
  2. A Gastronomic Adventure in Brazil
  3. Majestic Sights of Morocco
  4. Scandinavia Encompassed
  5. India’s Golden Triangle with Varanasi

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