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Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel.

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Become a Goway designated Destination Specialist and enhance your travel expertise. Become a specialist in your chosen country, then in your chosen region, before reaching the summit of being a designated Goway Destination Specialist.

Our customized learning program allows you to set your own pace and choose your specialist region. You might even choose to keep learning and build your expertise worldwide. It’s your journey, and your choice, on the road to being a Goway Destination Specialist.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Gain a wealth of knowledge on as many of Goway’s destinations as you’d like
  • Open the door to new and repeat bookings from clients who trust your regional expertise
  • The prestige of being designated Goway Certified Destination specialist or Expert
  • More bookings thorough newly attained knowledge
  • $$ on your GowayPro rewards card. The more you learn the more you can earn
  • VIP invitations to FAM’s and Events
  • Discounted personal travel
  • Join our preferred list for advanced notice on specials, newly added training modules and other great offers
  • ACTA Accredited
  • $$ Complete a country and then make a booking to that country within 6 months of course completion and earn an ADDITIONAL $25 on your GowayPro Rewards card*
  • $$ Complete a REGION – that is all countries in a select region – and then make a booking to any one of those countries within 6 months of course completion and earn an ADDITIONAL $50 on your GowayPro Rewards card*

* Per person booking value minimum of $2500USD or CAD. To claim the additional $$ awards please email Professor Goway at [email protected] with your name, agency name and the booking number. On receipt of this email the funds will then be credited to your GowayPro Rewards Card.


I wanted to reach out to thank you for the training videos you’ve presented — they are so informative and for audible/visual learners like me this is an amazing resource along side the silent powerpoint modules. I love that you are so thorough and passionate about each destination you present.


Travel Agent

I have to say I am really really enjoying the videos.  I find them super informative, and really engaging! I am looking forward to doing more of them!


Travel Agent

Hi Don! Just wanted to let you know – these videos are awesome. You’ve done a great job!


Travel Agent

Hello Don, I recently watched the training video you hosted and you advised that you can assist us with getting an assigned specialist. As I am brand new as a travel agent, your video was very welcoming and appreciated.


Travel Agent

I started the Academy and love it! Such great information!


Travel Agent

Frequently Asked Questions About GowayPro Travel Academy

What is the GowayPro Travel Academy?

Through fun, inspirational, and educational video modules, Don Forster, our resident ‘Professor Goway,’ will take you on an educational ride around the world where you can not only gain many expert tips and tricks on customizing itineraries for your globetrotting clients but also learn about the many wonderful places that Goway sends adventurous travelers.

What destinations are covered GowayPro Travel Academy?

We currently have over 80 modules covering proven top-selling destinations on all seven continents, with plans to add more countries to the list. With over 100 destinations on our constantly growing list, a world of learning (and earning!) is at your fingertips. See below for all our current active learning modules in the GowayPro Travel Academy

How does it work?

 There are 4 steps available to customize your learning.

Step 1 – Specialize in a country to become a Bronze Goway Designated Specialist of that country. Each country is made up of one or more modules. Qatar for example is 1, whereas South Africa is 7. New South Wales in Australia is composed of 2, and so on. As you complete a country, you complete a course. When you complete all the modules in a course (country or state/territory) you become a GowayPro Designated country or state/territory specialist. 

Step 2 – Specialize in a region. These are usually the top-selling countries or states within a continent. Eg: Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos in South America, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria in Australia, or South Africa, Egypt, and Kenya in Africa. You then become a Silver Goway Designated Specialist of that region.

Step 3 – If you choose to specialize in more countries in a region, giving yourself that Midas travel touch, you become a Gold Goway Designated Specialist of that region. Using the previous examples, that might mean adding Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, or Iguassu Falls to your South America specialties. Australia specialists might add South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania, while in Africa you can add Tanzania, Uganda, or Rwanda.

Step 4 – Ready to become the Queso Grande (big cheese) of world travel? Earn Platinum status and be designated a Goway Expert for a region by completing the full Learning Path for that region. Here, you can add to your regional expertise all of the smaller, less-traveled countries, or you dig deep into styles of travel such as rail, cruising, or coach travel. The destinations at each level may differ from what we just mentioned, but it’s just another option in your amazing journey!

Is there a time limit on taking a module or course or completing a Learning Path?

No, you learn at your own pace, when you want and where you want. We do however recommend when starting a course to try and get it done ASAP so the knowledge remains fresh. At the end of each module there is a quiz you must pass to move on.

Will I be tested?

Yes. There is a short quiz after each module.

How long are the quizzes?

They are between 8 and 15 questions for each module. You have 1 hour to complete a test and you have two attempts at each quiz. The pass mark is 80% and if you get anything wrong you only have to answer the incorrect answers – not do the entire quiz again. If you fail to pass after two attempts – don’t worry, they aren’t that hard – you will be locked out for a day! But even if that happens, you can try again the next day after brushing up.

Where can I sign up for GowayPro Travel Academy?

It’s easy. Go to www.gowayagent.com and look for the GowayPro Travel Academy image on the home page, a button at the top right of the page, or a link listed under the drop-down TRAINING menu. Click any of these and you will be taken to a registration link – and or a log-in link and or “How to” video.

How do I sign up?

Click on the links at www.gowayagent.com to register. Fill in your first name, your last name, your AGENCY WORK EMAIL, and this CODE XXXXXXXXXX. You will be sent an email with a link that will give you access to all the cool destination content in the GowayPro Travel Academy. Easy! 

How do I log back in later in the day, tomorrow, next week, or next month?

While we don’t recommend leaving big gaps in your study you can learn at your own pace. As such, just go to https://goway.litmos.com/, enter your email and password and pick up where you left off.

How long is each course?

A course is made up of one or more “modules”. On average, each module is from 12 to 15 minutes in length. Some may be a bit longer. 

Bigger destinations like South Africa (7 modules) or Italy (5 modules), or Tahiti (4 modules) could take up to 90 minutes to 2 hours each to complete, not including for quiz time. 

Antarctica or Fiji on the other hand, are only 2 modules, and so last approximately 45 minutes in length.

If you want to learn all there is, our current learning library is 83 MODULES x +/- 15 mins = +/- 21 hours of learning! Enjoy!

When I am logged in, how do I choose or start a course?

Easy – on your “dashboard” – your home page you will see all the destinations. The RED destinations are what are called “Learning Paths” and include ALL the current destinations for that region. If the destination is BLUE then that is the course for just that country.

What is the difference between a Learning Path and a Course?

A Learning Path is simply a holder for the region’s current active destinations.

By choosing a Learning Path, you are committing to yourself to become a Regional Specialist. By choosing a course, you are focusing on just that country. 

If your end goal or your main area of selling is Africa, then we suggest you take the Africa learning path as an example. The same process applies for whatever region you sell the most of now. 

If you sell it all, then picking and choosing countries may the way to go.

 Ideally, you are with us here at the GowayPro Travel Academy to broaden your knowledge in a region or to take on a new region or country, to expand your expertise and to increase your sales by offering new destinations to your portfolio. As such, we suggest you pick a region to become a specialist in and work your way through each country there within. 

In a Learning Path – you choose what country you want to start with and then move ahead in any order!

Now for the part I know you have been wanting to ask…What’s in it for me?

Other than the wealth of knowledge you gain on all Goway’s destinations, the many expert tips that Goway as gathered over 50 plus years of selling travel and of course, the new and REPEAT bookings you will get?

Simply put – The more you learn the more earn

But specifics are:

· The prestige of being designated Goway Certified Destination specialist or Expert – maybe we even send you a graduating gown and cap when you become a Goway Expert?

· More bookings thorough newly attained knowledge· You will earn $$$ on your GowayPro rewards card

. The more you achieve the more you can earn

· VIP invitations to FAM’s and Events. The more countries or regions you become a specialist in the FAM’s you can earn.

· Discounted personal travel

· Join our preferred list for advanced notice on specials, newly added training modules and other great offers· ACTA Accredited

How do I see my badges and certificates of graduation?

On your home page, look to the top where you will see

Home Content Library Achievements Live Sessions

If you click on Achievements you will see your badges earned and you will also be able to DOWNLOAD your Graduation Certificate.

Graduation Certificates are only earned / available when you have finished a the entire course or learning path!

Display it proudly – you earned it!

Welcome to a world of learning. Welcome to the GowayPro Travel Academy!

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