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4 Reasons to Stay and Play in Puerto Escondido

The “hidden port” of Puerto Escondido has been a surfer’s secret paradise since the 1960s. Only in the last decade has this part of Oaxaca, on the Emerald coast, become a beloved vacation destination for international travelers.

To visit to this mellow Mexican beach town today is to mix and mingle with Globetrotters, backpackers, surfers, and local families.

Goway’s Long stay Oaxacan Beachfront Living offers one of the most luxurious – and ecologically conscious – places to stay in the area. The oceanfront condos for rent are located on Palmarito Beach, just a short 15-minute shuttle bus from the town of Puerto Escondido. The resort is a private, gated resort community with all the conveniences of home. It also has a Clubhouse that includes a business center, restaurants, fitness center, spa, kid’s club, event space, and more!


The beaches are what the Emerald Coast of Oaxaca is famous for. There are no less than 7 beautiful sandy beaches in and around Puerto Escondido. Carrizalillo Beach is ideal for families that want to swim and relax. Beginner surfers might want to check out La Punta, where you can also take surfing lessons. Zicatela Beach is home to the Mexican Pipeline and some major surfing competitions. In fact, CNN ranked this Puerto Escondido beach #8 out of the top 50 Best Surf Spots in the World.


Puerto Escondido is a town of over 45,000 so there are many great local restaurants to enjoy. The area is known for gastronomic delights. The luxurious, yet affordable restaurant Restaurant El Espadin overlooks the Bay and comes with a free “million dollar view” of Playa Carrizalillo. At Goway’s Long Stay resort is Ernestos Restaurant, in the Clubhouse that also offers farm-to-table authentic Oaxaca cuisine made from local ingredients.


This area of Oaxaca on the Emerald coast of southern Mexico is home to 16 distinct cultures including the Zaptec, Mixtex, Mazateco, and Chinanteco. In Puerto Escondido you’ll find a mixture of traditional textiles and artisan fashions unique to the local people. When staying at Goway’s Long Stay resort guests often have the chance to learn how the functional art is created by watching weavers operate an intricate loom on the building’s rooftop.


The two local markets, Mercado Benito Juarez and El Adoquin, are both authentic community gathering places. The evening markets offer everything from local produce and crafts to handcrafted textiles and fashions made by the local indigenous peoples.

Goway offers a Oaxaca: Mexico Long Stay: 21 Days starting from $1044US / $1399CA that includes a welcome kit, stocked fridge on arrival, all accommodation, on site concierge assistance, full access to the club house, use of all resort amenities.

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