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4 Reasons to Explore Our Great Backyard with Goway

Back to travel. Back to nature. Welcome to our backyard.

2022 brought a fresh start for the world of travel, and Goway is going back to the destinations where it all began. After more than 50 years of planning adventures across the globe, we are thrilled to bring the United States and Canada back into our roster of over 100 destinations.

Whether it’s driving California’s Highway One, basking in the surreal glow of Times Square, catching the latest up and comers in one—or several—of America’s great music cities, or glimpsing polar bears in the wild in Manitoba, the United States and Canada are packed with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Goway has the expertise to ensure your clients get the most out of both countries. Here are three great ways Goway can transform your client’s globetrotting with a home-grown journey in 2022.

Astonishing Beauty Close to Home

The list of natural wonders found in the United States and Canada is long and contains many of our favourites. Everyone should see the Grand Canyon at least once in their lifetime, while the towering cascades of Yosemite National Park, the ancient Navajo culture of awe-inspiring Monument Valley, and the majesty of the Canadian Rockies, bring some of the world’s most iconic and spectacular landscapes within a short flight. The United States is the ultimate destination for self-drives, from Route 66 to the Blue Ridge Parkway, while in Canada, Cabot Trail embodies the beauty of Nova Scotia’s dramatic coast. With over 100 carefully curated itineraries and many more to come, the list could go on, but the best way for your clients to discover them is to get out there for themselves and bask in the beauty of the continent we’re lucky enough to call home.

An Adventure for Every Traveller

The United States and Canada are great for longer road trips or itineraries that combine two or more amazing highlights. Goway has crafted itineraries dedicated to themes such as wildlife, adventure, history, and culinary experiences, so your globetrotters can spend more time exploring aspects of their destination that interest them. While the self-drive reigns supreme (over half of Goway’s new US and Canada itineraries are driving adventures), travellers can also relax on an epic train journey or an escorted tour that leaves the driving to someone else. The options are endless with Goway United States and Canada.

Going Back to our Roots

Goway began from a one-person office in Toronto, Canada in 1970, taking bookings by telegram. One of those early bookings was a mini-bus tour through North America, designed for the ‘under 30s.’ Yet, even as Goway has turned its gaze toward more distant shores, and those under 30s have become seasoned globetrotters, the United States and Canada have remained an integral part of who we are, and two of our favourite destinations. The return of our home territories solidifies Goway’s reputation for travel expertise in destinations the world over, with itineraries to take globetrotters to all seven continents.

An Easy Step Back into Travel

Globetrotting should be exciting, not stressful. As life begins to normalize after the pandemic, everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to travel. Some can’t wait to get back out there, while others want to take that adventure with a certain degree of familiarity. If your clients are still hesitant to cross oceans, visiting a few home-grown favourites, or taking that close-to-home trip they’ve been putting off might be just the right way to start globetrotting again. We invite your clients to enjoy all the sights, sounds, tastes, and sensations of travel while exploring the best of the United States and Canada with Goway.


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