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5 Reasons to Visit Spain in 2020

One of Europe’s most popular destinations, Spain has so much to offer including its food, history, culture, and architecture. The hardest part about visiting Spain is trying to figure out when you will come back next.

Delicious Tapas

#1 Food is Art

The Spanish have eating down to an art, from the beautiful flavors that come out in Paella to tiny tapas dishes that are the perfect size for sharing and snacking. When in Spain, follow the locals’ lead. Head to dinner late, drink wine, and socialize. If you are someone who likes to cook, consider taking a cooking and tasting class. Enjoy the pace at which everything runs. The specialty dishes change as you move around the country. Spain is known for its seafood along the coast and beautiful cured meats, but did you know about delicious desserts like the churros? After enjoying all of these beautiful dishes, take the time to go for a stroll to digest and enjoy the scenery. 

#2 Monuments and Architecture

Spain is famous for its varied architecture, which extends far beyond what you would see in Madrid and the Royal Palace. If you have time, take a day tour to Toledo to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of course, Granada boasts the Alhambra and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia dominates the city.  However, these are just some of the many styles of architecture that can be seen in these areas of Spain.

The Sagrada Familia

#3 Barcelona and Gaudi

A day tour is a good way to start your exploration of Barcelona, helping you understand the interesting and often complex history of this area. Gaudi is the Catalan genius who created some of the world’s most beautiful and unusual buildings. The Sagrada Familia is a must see, whether it’s your first time or fourth time visit to Barcelona, as this building is still under construction! It is expected to be finished in 2026, almost 150 years after construction work began. 

#4 Amazing Andalusia

Head south of Madrid to explore the Andalusia region. There is so much to see in this area, from beautiful beaches around Malaga to the stunning Cathedral in Seville. The cathedral is a sensory feast, with beautiful orange trees in its garden, and a gorgeous interior, where there is a tomb for Christopher Columbus. However, one of the most famous cities is Granada. Make sure you have enough time to enjoy this beautiful city on its own terms, in addition to a whole day exploring the Alhambra. This Moorish castle sits on a hill above the town and the intricate details of its stone work never cease to amaze.  The sensual Flamenco dance and music also originated in the south of Spain (Granada and Seville). The entire region is an unforgettable experience.

Monastery de Montserrat

#5 A New Culture in Every Region

Aside from the food and the history it is truly the people that make Spain a magical destination to visit. The diversity of its landscape is just a small demonstration of the diversity of the people. From accents to architecture to cuisine to social habits, you’ll notice significant cultural differences from the North West Coast to the Basque country, to Catalonia, to Madrid, to Andalusia, and other regions. Each is its own unique experience in terms of cultural and topography. However, there is a common tie that brings them all together: The kind, open, and friendly manner in which you are greeted, sure to leave you wondering when can book that return visit! 

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Reesa Avelino

I’ve travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean and I’ve also had the opportunity to explore more exotic destinations in Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East. However, what I truly enjoy and appreciate are my travels throughout Europe. Being curious and always want to learn more, there’s so much to be discovered. Art, history, culture, food, language…there’s always something new to see and experience and that’s how I prefer to travel.

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