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Be Reborn in Ecuador When Travel Returns

Being born and raised in Ecuador, a lot of people ask me why they should visit my home country, what it offers, and why it’s so special.

As an Ecuadorian, I might be a little bit impartial, but after having the opportunity to swim with pink dolphins in the Amazon Rainforest, journey on the zigzag Devil’s Nose train ride in the Andes Mountains, spot humpback whales swimming off the coast, and go snorkelling with sharks in the Galapagos Islands, the answer becomes very clear.

Ecuador has a strategic location, not only sitting on the equator—that’s the meaning of the name of the country—in the middle of the world, but it’s also home to the Andes Mountains running throughout the country north to south and creating different geographical regions. This is why locals call it the “Country of Four Worlds”: the Galapagos Islands, the Coast, the Andes, and the Amazon.

Being one of the smallest countries in South America, all these regions are compact and easily accessible to each other. Other than the Galapagos, you can drive to and from the coast, the Andes, and the Amazon. 

If you want to explore the beauty of these four worlds as our own world comes out of lockdown and cross them off your bucket list, Ecuador awaits you. In the meantime, this video should give you a taste of what to dream about for the future.

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Paola Silva

Product Manager, Central & South America - Born in Ecuador and currently living in Canada, Paola has swam with pink dolphins in the Amazon, zip-lined through cloud forests, snorkelled with sharks in the Galapagos Islands, and spent time with Indigenous communities in South America. She has worked for an inbound tourist company in the past and travelled all over the world, although she focuses on travel to Central and South America, sharing the wonders of her home continent with generations of globetrotters."

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