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Best 3 Hotels to spend a honeymoon in Asia

Looking for inspiration for new honeymoon suggestions to offer clients for the 2019 season? It can be challenging to keep track of the coolest locations when new hotels are popping up under every palm tree and behind every limestone karst – each one vying to outdo its predecessor and line the pages of Conde Nast.

To help you wade through all the hyperbole, I’ve decided to highlight my list of top hotels. Maybe they haven’t made it onto your radar yet but probably deserve a space there.

Song Saa Private Island Resort – Cambodia

Just off the southwest coast and a forty-minute ferry from Sihanoukville, lies the archipelago of Koh Rong. Here is where you’ll find the five-star private island resort called Song Saa. Song Saa means “The Sweethearts” in the ancient language of the Khmer kingdom of Cambodia. It’s a perfect name given it attracts honeymooners from around the globe looking for a memorable locale to share that once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

But here’s why I love it.

The resort was sustainably crafted with the help of local experts, and quickly you’ll notice that environmental conservation is the central focus. It’s a very boutique with only 27 villas. Choose a bungalow either oceanfront, jungle or my personal favourite, over water. The resort has managed to marry the idea of a deserted and unspoiled Robinson Crusoe paradise with unparalleled luxury complete with every amenity known to man.

Song Saa vista from the sun deck

I also love the fact that Song Saa has chosen to employ and educate mostly locals from neighbouring villages ensuring the natural charm of the area has not been lost.

And the final reason why I’ve highlighted Song Saa…

Now Cambodia really does have it all. It’s a stand-alone destination and no longer necessarily has to be paired with one of its beachy neighbours. Guests can spend a few days at the temples of Angkor, explore the capital of Phnom Penh and then end their journey oceanside with a cocktail and flip-flops watching the sun fall on an island utopia.

For more details and pricing see our Song Saa resort page on Goway.com.

The beautiful Amanpulo Resort
Amanpulo – Pamalican Island – Philippines

“Barefoot Luxury” at its best and the reason it makes the list is simply that I can’t imagine coming up with a “best of Asia” and not including at least one Aman property.

Pamalican Island is just one of the 7107 islands that the Philippines sing about in their “It’s more fun in the Philippines” promotional campaign. It’s about an hour’s flight from Manila by private charter but once you land, kick off your shoes and bury your feet in the sand, you’ll spend the rest of your vacation dreaming up ways to never have to leave.

I’ve often been heard touting…”A beach is a beach is a beach,” but the pristine white sands of the Amanpulo break even all of my rules. Not sure how even in the blistering mid-day sunshine, the granules of silicon remain cool to the foot by some magical, mystical fairy. And while you may never tire of walking the endless beaches, each casita (villa) comes with its own golf cart.

Finally, Amanpulo doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the Hollywood A-lister service it has been known to dole out. From the moment of arrival until the time they find you hiding out in the laundry chamber avoiding the departure, your every desire….(even those that are just thoughts in your mind that you didn’t realize you had) is made manifest. It’s the service from the Aman brand that has made me a “junkie*” for life.

*A man * jun * kie
Person who deems themselves in love with the Aman brand of hotels
and won’t stop talking about them wherever they go and to whomever
they speak. – a bit annoying really.

Goway’s Philippine Touring page

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan
Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan – Indonesia

On the off-hand chance that you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen all the hoopla about this new honeymoon haven, I’ve decided to include the Four Seasons Bali in my top three line up.

Recently voted by Travel + Leisure as the “best hotel in the world,” this home away from home escapes all the noise by tucking itself within the jungles of banyan and Kepuh trees of the Balinese rainforest.

There are many five-star hotels that seem to sacrifice local charm for fear of pushing the boundaries of their VIP guest’s comfort zones. The Four Seasons remains fearless. From the bamboo thatched rooves to the teak walkways and the coconut shelled accoutrements, there is no denying you are definitely in Bali.

Try your hand at rice harvesting or swinging yoga when you tire of relaxing by the lotus-filled infinity pools.


But what I love best…for a 60 villa/suite property, how does every employee know your name? I have trouble remembering the names of my two children in the spur of a moment yet Putu not only calls me by name but remembers that I like my eggs gently flipped with a side of sliced papaya. I’m a sucker for service, what can I say.

For more details and pricing visit our Four Seasons Resort Bali page on Goway.com

Can’t get enough? I can’t either. Be sure to check out all of Goway’s luxury hotel offerings by visiting our Luxury Touring page on Goway.com


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