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Brazil’s Top 10 Itineraries for Sellers

A land of immense size bordering every other country of the South American continent except Chile and Ecuador, Brazil is a country of varying contrasts, with a multitude of influences from Indigenous American, Spanish, Portuguese, European, and African cultures.

Equally contrasting are the various natural geographical zones. Two of Brazil’s biggest are the largest rainforest in the world – the Amazon jungle, and the Amazon River, which almost dissects the South American continent in two. There is also the Gran Savannah, bordering Venezuela; the tropical delight of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago; and the famous beaches of Recife and Olinda. Finally, looking southward, is one of largest waterfalls in the world – Iguassu Falls, and the wildlife-laden wetlands of the Pantanal in western Brazil.

Iguassu Falls
Iguassu Falls
Yacare caiman crocodiles floating in the Pantanal wetlands
Yacare caiman crocodiles floating in the Pantanal wetlands

2016 sees Rio de Janeiro hosting the Summer Olympic Games. Steeped in history, old and new, the Olympic Games are one of the world’s most recognizable events. Have your clients travel as a VIP guest with confirmed 3 or 4 star accommodation, VIP transfers to and from events, preferred seating at events, snacks at events, and entrance to select sporting events.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

To give you some ideas as starting points for including Brazil in your client’s next travel arrangements, here’s a quick look at some of Goway’s top selling product in Brazil.

  1. 4-Day Rio Jewel in the Crown
  2. 8-Day Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro
  3. 8-Day Amazon River Cruise
  4. 4-Day Amazon River Cruise
  5. 3-Day Iguassu Falls Both Sides
  6. 8-Day Mountains Rivers & Waterfalls
  7. 6-Day Rio Carnaval
  8. 3-Day Buzios Beach Getaway
  9. 4-Day Fernando de Noronha
  10. 3-Day Colonial Salvador

Brazil is a wondrous country, offering natural and cultural wealth, great sights, impressive sounds, and an underlying vibrant pulse that will impress every traveller who has the fortune to visit.

Exploring the Brazilian Amazon by canoe
Exploring the Brazilian Amazon by canoe

Weather: Most of Brazil can be visited comfortably throughout the year. It is only the south which can be quite hot and humid in summer (December – February) and rainy in winter (June – August). The rest of the country experiences brief tropical rains throughout the year, which rarely affect travel plans. The Brazilian summer is the most festive time of year.

Visas: A visa is required for US and Canadian passport holders. There is a visa exception for those visiting Brazil from June 1 to September 18, for stays up to 90 days. Please contact the Brazilian consulate for the latest requirements.


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