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Winner of Goway’s Sell Thailand Contest gets up close and personal with the elephants

Elephants are magnificent creatures with magnetic personalities, and Globetrotters often want to get up-close-and-personal with them on a trip to Asia. Goway is committed to offering elephant encounters that protect the health and security of these creatures, and one of our favourites is the full-day immersion at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary near Chiang Mai.

Elephant Nature Park is a refuge for animals who were abused in captivity, and provides a healing environment not only for elephants, but also for dogs, cats, and buffaloes. Staff members ensure these elephants are no longer ridden and start to mend the elephants’ broken trust with humans by providing love, respect, and care. Guests observe newly-rescued elephants taking joy in their newfound freedom and happiness – walking, scratching, swimming, dusting, and bathing at their own pace.

Elephant in it's Natural Habitat near Chiang Mai
Elephant in its natural habitat near Chiang Mai

Travel agent Corinne Stevenson, co-owner of Outfitters Adventure Travel in Pennsylvania, was Goway’s recent Thailand trip prizewinner, co-sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. She and her friend Amy just returned from a 10-day trip to Thailand and had the opportunity to visit the Elephant Nature Park: “Oh, the Elephant Sanctuary. We LOVED LOVED LOVED that day. It was magnificent. I will not have any part of booking or encouraging any clients to do an elephant trek after seeing what those poor animals are put through.” Corinne also loved our Thailand guides, who she said were “very knowledgeable about culture, the temples and where to shop, and really fun to go around with.”

Check out Goway’s 9-day package to Thailand and Hong Kong, which includes a full day at the Elephant Nature Park, zip-lining in the Thai rainforest, visiting the sacred mountain Doi Suthep, and exploring Hong Kong’s foodie scene on foot.


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