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Did You Know? 5 Useful Facts About Goway

Whether you’ve been partnering with Goway for years or are new to the travel game and just hearing about us for the first time, it’s always useful to learn a few facts about your partners in the industry. At Goway, we’re all about globetrotting. We share the world because we love to travel. But what does that mean and how do we support our partners in the industry? Well, keep reading, because we’ve listed a few core facts about the company.

The following are 5 useful facts about Goway. These are facts about key services, customer metrics, and some of the core tools we offer our partners in the travel industry. If you’re still curious to learn more after reading the following, you can always drop us a line or get in touch with your Goway Destination Specialist or Account Manager.

1. Goway Is Rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot

We’ve been working with Trustpilot for a long time to collect reviews of our travellers and turn them into evidence of our commitment to those people who trust us to craft a dream vacation. To that end, we have over 3,000 certified reviews of travellers who’ve been on a vacation with Goway, and these travellers have rated us as “Excellent” with a 4.7-star rating. Read these reviews for yourself. We talk a lot about our commitment to travellers, but it’s nice to have proof of that commitment sometimes. We work hard, we care, and it shows.

2. Goway Sells Groups

It’s true, the bulk of our business is in FIT or Foreign Independent Travel—essentially, travellers booking individual vacations for themselves or their families. But we don’t only do this. We also have a Groups division that offers exceptional service. Goway Groups Only focuses on groups of 10-or-more like-minded travellers. These include, but are not limited to, religious organizations, sports teams, clubs, organizations, and extended families. If you have some clients who want to see the world alongside a group of 10 friends or people from their horticultural club or soccer team, Goway Groups Only can help you craft the perfect vacation for them.

3. Goway Rewards You For Being a Pro

We love to reward a job well done and we know you’re a pro. That’s why we have GowayPro, which gives you cash rewards on the bookings you make with Goway. As a GowayPro member, the more you sell, the more you earn. You earn cash rewards on your GowayPro Visa rewards card, which you can redeem for whatever you want. Every booking with Goway earns GowayPro rewards, even Groups and Air, so you’re not limited in what you can sell. As well, you have the chance to upgrade your membership status to enjoy even greater rewards on every sale. You can read all about GowayPro here. It’s the way to get rewarded.

4. Goway Can Tag-Team on a 3-Way Zoom Call

The world’s a big place and it’s impossible to be an expert about every country in every part of the world—trust us, we’ve tried. But you don’t have to go it alone. When you’re working with Goway, you can rely on our Destination Specialists to help fill in the gaps when dealing with clients. Have a client who wants to go to Ghana, but you’re not all that familiar with this West African nation? Get in touch with us and we’ll pair you with a Goway Destination Specialist who’ll join you on a three-way video call over Zoom to help educate your client and close the sale. We want to support our partners in any way we can, and three-way video calls are an easy way to back you up and support your business. Sharing is caring.

5. Goway.com Is Your Own Personal Travel Search Engine

We know Google is all the rage and you probably pick up a lot of info from various social media sites, but you can also use the Goway website to search for detailed information on every country we sell. We have over 2,200 suggested itineraries on our website, as well as in-depth facts about every country we offer. Want to know about the top places to visit in Germany, or what’s good about Thai food? We’ve got info on that on goway.com. The search tool on the homepage allows you to search by destination, trip duration, and travel style. Best of all, it offers you an easy way to grab a quote for your clients. It’s your one-stop-shop for crafting your client’s dream vacation.


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