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Europe by Goway: Still Open and Ready for Summer 2017

It’s not too late to make it to Europe in 2017. Goway has some great offers and is ready to get people travelling this season with expert advice. From traditional cruises with Norwegian Cruise Line to independent travel, we are here to help.

Some travellers can be hesitant to do a cruise or a large coach tour. That’s where small group tours come in. Some are more independent than others, but all offer that chance to experience something authentic about the destination. Staying in smaller properties that allow for more interactions with locals, passengers get to see the sights without the stress of driving or figuring out where to go. The guide provides the history, putting all the top sights (and photo ops) into context. Some of Goway’s most popular small group tours still have space on them. A Goway agent can help guide you towards finding that dream trip; like the Amalfi Coast in the late summer/fall on the Enchanting Southern Italy or the Highlights of Northern Spain at the end of this month or in September.

Since we work with all the airlines, we can get you on the best flight deal possible to any destination. If you pick one of our stopover locations, we have a preset recommended package for that city, showcasing the ‘must sees’ in a destination over 72 hours. Combine these to create a bigger itinerary, or see two countries in one trip. The great thing about these packages is they can be changed or extended. We can add on a tour or take one out that doesn’t suit the traveller’s plans or interests. There is the option to upgrade to private services, or a 5-star hotel for people looking to splurge on that extra level of comfort. All packages can just as easily be done using 3-star hotels and shared day tours, making them an easy and convenient option for passengers on any budget.

Main square and King Enzo palace, Bologna, Italy

Classic Itineraries are our favourite way to book a last minute Europe vacation. They provide the flexibility to switch day tours, hotels, or even change the length of stay to create a trip that suits the client’s needs. They demonstrate how countries or regions within a country can be joined, and are a great backbone to an independent traveller’s holiday. For Europe, they add a new level of flexibility, with the option of adding train journeys or breaks between destinations, instead of always driving or flying.

Take a look at Goway.com for ideas, then call and let our experts guide you. They are trained in the region and have watched the booking patterns. They know what is going to busy and can offer alternative destinations or dates if they feel the client isn’t going to get the trip they dreamed of. They can also recommend a better time to go, or if the client is set on a frequently sold out hotel or destination, offer advice on the best time to book.

Providing our experts with as much information as possible is the key to expediting the booking process, it provides them with boundaries and expectations they can use to achieve the best holiday possible for the client’s budget. They can look at flights and connections and make recommendations on hotels, perhaps, for instance, picking a hotel in an up and coming area of London as opposed to a more expensive, touristy area, allowing the passenger to stay longer at a lower rate. Flexibility, a clear budget, and a list of ‘must haves’ go a long way toward helping our agents plan a great trip.

We have found that if any one of the three key parts of a trip (travel dates, destination, or specific accommodation) is a must have, inquiring sooner can make all the difference in ensuring a happy traveller. Let’s work together to get to turn that dream trip into a reality.

Backroads vehicle touring through winelands

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