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A Europe Vacation This Winter Offers Great Advantages!

Winter isn’t quite here yet, which means it is not too late to have your clients book their cold weather getaway. As the population of Globetrotters grow, Goway recommends a Europe vacation as a winter getaway. This carries many advantages. Not only will you save on your airfare – flying across the pond during the low season, the lack of tourists will help you enjoy this quiet season and its low pricing. Plus, you have a great opportunity to live with the locals while enjoying a longstay vacation.

The most obvious part of experiencing a Europe vacation in the winter months is the lack of elbow to elbow crowds. There is no promise that there will not be others at various sites, but in general the crowds are much smaller. Imagine visiting the south of Spain and being able to walk around the Alhambra and being able to take photos without some person getting in your shot!

View of Alhambra at winter with Sierra Nevada in the background, Spain
View of Alhambra at winter with Sierra Nevada in the background, Spain

While most of the tourists leave during the cold season, the locals live there all year round. For towns and cities that are booming in the summer the environment of the winter is more relaxed, and it provides a great opportunity to sit and interact with the local environment. This could be as simple as sitting in a piazza in Italy, sipping coffee, and watching the world go by.

When thinking about the weather in the winter, remember that most of Europe will be warmer than the Northern United States and Canada. The days may be shorter, but it brings about different opportunities for the visitor. The UK is not well equipped to handle the heat, as places still do not have air conditioning, but they are ready for the cool weather with heating and a variety of hot drinks to try. The weather in the summer in places like Rome or the south of Portugal can be extremely hot and hard to walk around in, especially for those not accustomed to spending long days in the heat and sun. The southern part of Europe offers weather that is comfortable, not hot, making it easier to be active and enjoy the sights.

Plonlein Fork and Siebers Tower in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Germany
Plonlein Fork and Siebers Tower in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Germany

Goway is offering some great European vacation travel ideas for our North American winter months. Not only are the prices naturally lower (not including winter break) but we offer some fantastic specials for this time of year!

6-Day London and Surrounds
As it gets darker earlier, you can enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere of a pub, as you live like and interact with locals. Special Offer: London and Surrounds – Save $175

7-Day Romantic Germany
Enjoy this group tour which offers beautiful places to discover. The romantic winter scenery is something out of a fairy tale! Special Offer: Romantic Germany – Save up to $150

Visit us at www.goway.com and let us help assist in planning the best Europe vacation possible for your clients – whether for their winter or summer getaway!


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