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Extraordinary Dining in Extraordinary South Africa

Long gone are the days when travellers were happy to have a bland, ‘could be anywhere’ buffet dinner included in their hotel package, or worse, be on the lookout for a trusty McDonald’s to satisfy their hunger. Local eating is an essential part of travelling, and nowadays, the focus on culinary experiences is more important than ever. Savvy travellers not only want to “eat like a local,” but also want to “feast like a king,” and so have become much more adventurous when it comes to sampling local delicacies. Your clients can get the flavour (quite literally) of an extraordinary country on their next South Africa vacation with these great culinary stops!

Kitchen at Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

On a recent visit to Cape Town, I decided to treat my extended family to the “Chef’s Table” at the iconic Mount Nelson Hotel, where I was staying. This unique dining experience takes place in the kitchen of the hotel, giving diners the perfect view of the chefs at work. A big wooden table is set up in a recess of the kitchen, with an oversized mirror offering a bird’s eye view. We were encouraged to walk around the kitchen and chat to the chefs while they were at work, asking questions as to what they were preparing. The menu was 7 courses and predominately seafood, but the one non-fish eater in our group was duly accommodated with equally mouth-watering dishes.

Each chef presented the dish they had prepared and explained it to us in detail, as well as recommending the best wine to pair with each course. The result was a feast for all our senses and was a wonderful way to spend an evening. For special occasions, this can be offered to just two clients, but can seat up to a maximum of 12, so it’s perfect for small groups, or families and friends.

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Mount Nelson Hotel exterior, Cape Town
Oyster Box Hotel, Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal

One of my contemporaries, Linda Pampallis, along with Goway’s Moira Smith, recently experienced the Chef’s Table at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal, and gave the following account:

For a unique dining experience that’s sure to tickle your taste buds, The Oyster Box Chef’s Table experience cannot be missed! Join Executive Chef, Kevin Joseph, and his talented team for an evening of legendary dining. Kick off your evening at the Oyster Bar, enjoying champagne and canapés.

Executive Chef, Kevin Joseph, Oyster Box Hotel

Head to the kitchen for your “behind the scenes” tour of the working kitchen.  Feel a part of the drama as the chefs prepare a delicious 5-course menu, for between 6 and 10 guests, right before your eyes.

This unique dining experience is available to book from Monday through Sunday for dinner, and makes for a special South Africa vacation treat. Three delicious 5-course dinner menu options are available for selection.

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Singing and dancing at the Gold Restaurant

Some of the other not-to-be-missed, South Africa vacation culinary experiences we offer include:

  • The Gold Restaurant in Cape Town, which includes a 14-course menu of dishes from all over Africa, along with interactive drumming and entertainment.
  • Richards Supper Stage, a theatrical evening with a taste of South African dishes.
  • The Foodbarn, which offers the perfect lunch setting on a Peninsula tour, or for those just looking for a relaxing setting with exquisite food!

For more information on these incredible dining experiences, or how you could add them to your South Africa vacation, please visit us at www.goway.com.


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