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Find Great Value for Your Clients This Fall

Travel can be pricier than it ought to be, but that doesn’t mean every trip you plan for your clients should force them to break the bank. Enter travel in the shoulder season, when there are smaller crowds and your clients can save on everything from flights to hotel rooms to tours.

However, not every destination around the world has the same cost advantages in fall. For instance, fall is getting more popular as a time to travel to Europe, so some evergreen destinations like Italy and France don’t have the same availability as other spots around the world. Luckily, there are still many advantages to planning a trip for your clients this fall. Communicate these advantages to your clients and help them book an unforgettable tailor-made trip with Goway.

What value is there for fall vacations?

Qantas has some great seat sales to Australia this fall.

For the first time in what has seemed like years, we’ve seen seat sales on international flights to some great destinations worldwide this fall. These destinations include Australia, Thailand, Peru, and South Africa. Considering that airfares have been at historic highs this year, it’s all the more reason to take advantage of great value when booking a trip for fall. Your clients can enjoy lower costs for hotels and tours during November in particular. As well, the American and Canadian dollars are enjoying some historic highs against international currencies, including the Australian dollar. So every dollar spent in a destination goes further. Early fall might have transformed into an extended summer in parts of the world, but late fall still has many cost advantages when booking a tailor-made trip.

What reasons are there to book your clients on trips in the fall?

The Citadel of Machu Picchu.

Beyond the savings on airfares and general travel costs, there are many other advantages to booking travel in the fall. For one, the weather is typically great. Days are a tad shorter, but also cooler without being cold, which means your clients can spend their days outdoors without worrying about the heat. This is particularly appealing on trips with any hiking, such as in New Zealand or Peru. Furthermore, there are fewer crowds at popular landmarks, such as Machu Picchu, the Grand Palace in Bangkok, or Table Mountain in South Africa. The smaller crowds leads to better prices on hotels, dinners, and tour services, so it’s a win-win situation.

Where can your clients enjoy great value in the fall?

Milford Sound in New Zealand.

We’ve mentioned some of the best value destinations for fall travel already, but let’s reiterate. In Central and South America, Costa Rica and Peru are great for the fall. Costa Rica transitions out of the green season in November, which means that costs are lower, despite the weather being gorgeous. Peru transitions into its spring during the fall, bringing a bit of rain, but also a lot of greenery in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In Asia, Thailand is affordable with great deals on accommodation and food. The cities are also less humid and crowded. In the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand both transition into their spring, when the weather is mild and there are some great savings to be had exploring the natural landmarks. South Africa has been remarkably affordable over the past few years, and this fall is no different, with some great seat sales on international flights.

And finally, while most of Europe has gotten more expensive in the fall, Portugal remains a great option for travel in the fall months. Your clients can book a long stay apartment for several weeks and relax on the rocky beaches of the Algarve, or take advantage of new direct flights to Madeira. For all these aforementioned destinations, the historically favourable exchange rates for American and Canadian dollars make travel more affordable.

There are a lot of savings to be had when booking a tailor-made trip this fall. Get in touch with a Goway Destination Specialist to find out how you can get great value for your clients on tailor-made trips to over 115 destinations worldwide.


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