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Finland in Focus

Join a Reindeer Safari!

Whether seeking to discover Finland on a private-guided adventure, on an escorted coach tour, or while on a self-drive program, there are a plenty of reasons to get your guests’ trip planned sooner than later. Spectacular year-round, Finland offers a diverse range of unique experiences that are certain to delight, and pairs excellently with its Scandinavian neighbours or nearby Baltic States including Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

In the cooler months, the gorgeous province of Finnish Lapland transforms into a winter wonderland, a place where—on average—Aurora Borealis reveals its alluring dance some 200 nights a year. Guests visiting the small city of Rovaniemi can also meet the one-and-only Santa Claus who calls the Finnish Lapland home for much of the year—just don’t expect to find him there on December 24th or 25th! For those interested in meeting the only Indigenous people in the European Union, Northern Finland offers guests the opportunity to meet the Sámi people. With 6,000 members of this unique culture in the Lapland, it is highly recommended to encourage guests to take the time to learn about their customs and language: Buorre mátki!

Experience the Midnight Sun in the Lapland province

During the summer, long, dark winter days are replaced with near constant light; for approximately three months of the year, Lapland experiences the Midnight Sun, and a range of local events are organized to capitalize on the additional daylight. Perhaps the most well-known being the Midnight Sun Film Festival, which is held annually in Sodankylä.

Those seeking gastronomic pleasures will also find Finland to be a treat. With a range of eclectic and exciting dishes, travellers can expand their palette by trying a few regional specialities such as karjalanpiirakka, a pastry filled with potatoes, rice or carrots, best served with a spread on top; grillimakkara, a large sausage that is a staple of summer cuisine; ruisleipä, a rye bread made from sour dough; korvapuusti, Finland’s spin on cinnamon buns; mustikkapiirakka, a delicious pie made from bilberries (a close cousin to blueberries), which grow freely throughout the country; and rapu, crayfish pastries that are considered one of the finest gourmet dishes in the country.

The North Quay, Helsinki

In the Finnish capital of Helsinki, guests can discover the outstanding architecture that resulted in the city earning the title of “Design Capital of the World” in 2012. Suomenlinna, an 18th century sea fortress, is also a key attraction. Built across six islands, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a joy to explore solo, or with friends or family; in the summer months, it is even possible to enjoy a cool dip from the beach.

With incredible natural wonders, unique peoples, delicious cuisine, and a world-class design city, it is easy to see why Finland is increasingly on the radar of prospective travellers. At Goway, our team of dedicated Destination Specialists are eager to help plan your guest’s perfect northern escape. To begin organizing, please visit Goway.com or better yet, give us a call at 1-800-557-2841 to speak with a Destination Specialist.


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