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The Galapagos Islands – A Natural Playground at Any Time of Year

Don Forster and Family in the Galapagos

UPDATED: August 2019

The Galapagos Islands are world famous and the main draw for those Globetrotters looking at escapes in Ecuador. Sitting in the middle of the Pacific, the year-round weather and temperatures make choosing when to travel there easy: any time all year! Goway offers the most boats in the Galapagos from moderate to luxury, 4 days to 8 days, 16 berths to 90 berths.

Don’t have sea legs? Boats rock your world, but not in a good way? Goway also offers land-based Galapagos stays at the Finch Bay Hotel, Galapagos Habitat Hotel, Ikala Hotel, Angermeyer Waterfront Hotel, and the Galapagos Magic Tented Camp, or you can also island hop.

The Galapagos is a year-round destination, but March offers perhaps the best wildlife viewing opportunities of the year since water levels are at their highest. Land temperatures are also ideal, reaching the high 20s C/high 80s F, making the islands a great place to cut short a North American winter.

Since the Galapagos Islands sit right on the equator, this isn’t exactly ‘springtime’ here as you’d know it. Nonetheless, you’ll find many of the animals at their most (ahem!) active, as they embrace the season of rebirth and renewal. These including red-footed boobies, green sea turtles, marine and land Iguanas, flightless cormorants, penguins and greater flamingoes.

Goway offers more vessels in the Galapagos than most, but some of our most popular choices are the M/V Legend, and sister ships of M/V Coral I and M/V Coral II.

One of the larger vessels in the Galapagos, the Legend is the perfect vessel for individuals, groups and families, with lots of space and many activities for the kids in their downtime, with the kids centre on board. With her three different decks, the Legend offers a great variety of comfortable and spacious social areas without losing its sense of intimacy. Its fantastic open decks allow you to admire the flora and fauna, enjoy a BBQ at night, or take some sun at the pool and bar areas.

The Coral I and Coral II are a pair of gorgeous, comfortable twin yachts, offering relaxation areas distributed on three decks, with both open and interior spaces. This allows passengers to have an intimate expedition experience without ever getting that sense of cabin fever. With a capacity for 36 (Coral I), and 20 (Coral II) guests respectively, comfort is guaranteed.

Al Fresco Dining onboard

The exposure to wildlife in the Galapagos is unrivalled. Being able to sit a mere foot away from sleeping seals, or even come nose to nose is an experience for a Globetrotter of any age. To walk among dozing blue footed boobies and have them not even lift their heads in curiosity, let alone fear, only proves how unaffected the local wildlife has been by the presence of people. To come upon albatross in the middle of their mating dance without them breaking stride is jaw dropping (or possibly beak smacking). To snorkel with sea turtles, penguins, parrot fish, sting rays, and sharks is part of what defines the Galapagos as a once in a lifetime trip.

Face time with the locals  – The Galapagos

Recharge from the adventure with amazing food, time around a pool and hot tub, cocktails as the sun sets over the horizon, and stargazing (as an Australian, it’s always important to me to spot the Southern Cross when I can). All this is done under the guidance of an amazing crew, alongside guides with a passion and knowledge that inspires almost as much as the wildlife. It all adds up to a perfect holiday for many different types of Globetrotters.

Ecuador and the Galapagos are one of the many jewels sitting in Central & South America waiting to be discovered. Check out Goway’s Galapagos Wildlife Calendar to learn about what animals you can see on a Galapagos vacation and also be sure to check out what to bring to the Galapagos to ensure the perfect journey.

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General Manager, Central & South America - Born in Australia and raised in Canada and Papua New Guinea, Don took his first solo trip to Bali – aged just 13. Since then, Don’s travels have taken him to every continent. He’s been a backpacker in Asia, Europe and Egypt, an overland adventurer in East and Southern Africa, and an overland driver in South and Central America. He is especially fond of Peru, Patagonia and Namibia, though his longest adventure to date has been a London to Kathmandu run via the Middle East.

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