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Germany: Beyond the Beer

We all know Germany is famous for its delicious varieties of beer, but this destination has so much more to offer. No matter which German city you are in, one things is clear. You are not in Kansas anymore. This is one destination that will surprise you and surpass all expectations.

Explore at your pace
Refreshingly laid back with a hipster atmosphere, Germany is a culture vulture’s delight. That includes its architecture. Few destinations invite you to admire old historical buildings with cannon balls still embedded in their walls, while a brand new modern building sits next door. It’s a small demonstration of the modern and historical sights that Germany balances beautifully. There are hidden treats around every corner here. They might include a delicious bakery in a historic area of Munich, or a fantastic swing music night club in Berlin. There is something for each Globetrotter to explore at their own pace.

Landmark Gutenfels castle at Kaub in the famous Rhine Gorge north of Rudesheim, German

Hit the Autobahn
There’s more to Germany than just famous cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich. Add time to explore the country between them as well. This could be as simple as planning all or part of your trip as a self-drive, giving yourself time to enjoy the stunning countryside, stopping in at smaller towns and sights missed by most foreign tourists.

Taste Everything
Sure, Germany makes delicious beer, but it also does excellent pastries and traditional dishes. Whether or not you can read or speak German, the best way to discover a country is to taste all it has to offer. If you are visiting Berlin, consider taking a tour on the Gourmet Liner, enjoying a delicious culinary experience while visiting the sights of the city.


Have experiences with the locals
They aren’t always showy about it, but Germans are among the most welcoming and genuine people in Europe. No matter what big event is happening, foreigners are welcome to join. Whether it’s roaming the Christmas Markets or raising a glass at Oktoberfest, Germany has something to offer everyone in every season. Germans make the most out of the summer, enjoying a wide variety of outdoor concerts from classical music, to rock, to electronica. There is something for everyone to experience. Keep an eye on the country’s events calendar for an opportunity to celebrate with the locals.

Endlessly engaging, Germany exceeds expectations in every way. Let Goway help you explore and discover this country in the heart of Europe.


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