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Globetrotters go to Germany

At Goway, we pride ourselves on bringing Globetrotters to the furthest reaches of the globe in order to discover new experiences in new locations. However, we also understand that the world’s classic destinations are iconic for a reason. Case in point: Germany, one of the world’s great gems. Lying in the heart of Europe, Germany is a chic, ultra-modern nation with a wealth of history. It offers endless opportunities for cultural and historical experiences and charming discoveries on a European vacation.

Aerial image of Munich Germany with Christmas Market and Christmas decoration during sunset.
Munich, Germany

It might be cliché, but it’s also true: Germany is stunningly efficient. German infrastructure is second-to-none, so whether you decide to travel by rail, road, or river, getting around Germany is a breeze. In fact, traveling around Germany is so enjoyable, at Goway we recommend you experience travel by train, car, and boat to get a complete taste of German ingenuity. The public rail system is world-class, with trains running punctually and providing premium comfort for longer journeys. Ride the rails between Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich to combine the romance of train travel with a taste of the nation’s great cities.

Berlin, Germany skyline over the Spree River.
Berlin, Germany

Getting out on the Autobahn is another essential German experience. With its blistering speeds and parade of luxury cars, the Autobahn can be a little intimidating to North American drivers, but even driving in the slow lane is fascinating as you witness cars seamlessly merge and handily stay within their lanes. It’s an opportunity to witness how traffic is supposed to operate. Take advantage of the German road system to drive around Bavaria, stopping off at the iconic castle of Neuschwanstein and allowing yourself time to marvel at picturesque Lake Konigsee on the borders of Austria as well as the majestic German Alps. Of course, few things match the experience of spotting medieval cityscapes from the surface of mighty rivers. Even if you can’t accommodate a cruise down the Rhine or Danube, make the time to tour one of the major cities by boat. For instance, surveying Museum Island from the Spree River in Berlin is as essential an experience as touring the island’s many historical exhibits.

Rhine River
Rhine River

Germany is a carnival of scenery at every turn. Whether traveling through the black forest by coach on the Romantic Road, peering across the North Sea, or fraternizing in the beerhalls of Munich during Oktoberfest, you’ll leave the country with your memory card full and your social media swelling with likes from jealous friends and family. From hiking excursions, cruises, and day tours, Goway offers many ways to take advantage of this incredible country. Of course, it’s the people that make the destination. Germans may have a reputation as reserved, but they’re fascinating and friendly people up close, whether you’re bonding over a kölsch or chatting after one of country’s seemingly-endless parade of festivals or concerts. And as avid Globetrotters themselves, they understand your interests and are more than happy to provide some local knowledge to make your vacation as memorable as possible.

Crowds of people at Oktoberfest on Munich_27s Theresienwiese
Oktoberfest, Germany


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