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Goway Announces Winners of Passport to a FAM, Renewing Incentive for 2018-19

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Six agents successfully completed their global Passport and will be on their way to a FAM in 2018 with Goway Travel.

Goway is helping travel agents to sell the world, and six talented agents are off on a complimentary FAM trip as part of the company’s recently concluded second Passport to a FAM incentive.

Six travel agents from across North America, Steve Carey, Holly Tucker, Megan Hill, Colleen Saltys, Sherry Land-Morin, and Nancy Purdin were the winners of a complimentary FAM in the second year of the Passport incentive. “We are delighted that we can provide the winning agents the opportunity to travel to some of Goway’s exciting destinations,” says Renee Stanton, General Manager of Sales for Goway.

The contest rewarded travel agents who booked a trip to each of Goway’s six key international regions, including Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, and the world’s most Idyllic Islands. All of the six agent winners had bookings to each of the six destinations, and are now excited to be planning their complimentary FAM trip with Goway.

The incentive ended on March 31, 2018, but its success has inspired Goway to renew it for the 2018-19 year. Agents now have a full 12 months to qualify for a complimentary FAM trip under the renewed incentive. Ben Stasiuk, General Manager for Central and South America and the Northern Europe regions, explains the incentive renewal. “Goway offers a wide selection of global destinations. Add to that our diverse product range suitable for high-end travelers and those with more moderate budgets, and our unrivalled in-house expertise, we make it easy for agents to book the world. And it’s our pleasure to reward those valued travel agents who remain loyal to Goway across all destinations.”

Agents can visit www.gowayagent.com for further details about the incentive.

For reservations and information, visit www.goway.com, or call 1-800-387-8850.


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