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Goway Expands Into West Africa with Ghana Tours

A new year brings with it new opportunities to share with the world. While last year didn’t pan out like anyone expected or wanted it to, it did give us a new perspective on the world and help us to treasure the act of travelling more than ever. This year, Goway is anticipating a larger return to travel and has expanded its African offerings to countries in West Africa, notably Ghana, Benin, and Togo.

Goway first found success in West Africa with our group vacation offerings. Over the past few years, Ghana, in particular, became a popular spot for group travellers to explore their cultural history and trace the fascinating stories of the Ashanti Kingdom and other historical kingdoms that are little-known in North America. Barbara Norton, VP Groups at Goway, explains that “West Africa is the perfect destination for small groups and considering that Goway has already found success sending small groups to the region and especially Ghana for the last few years, we are excited to be able to provide our expertise and destination knowledge to any independent or group traveller wanting to trace their ancestral roots, explore historical forts and verdant jungles, and discover one of the most exciting parts of the African continent.”

Our success with group travellers in West Africa has shown there is a demand for travel to West Africa. Thus, it’s the perfect time for you and other travel professionals to study up on these fascinating destinations and anticipate the growth in tourism that will come over the next few years.

Cape Coast, Ghana

While these countries are little more than a name to many North Americans, the West African countries of Ghana, Togo, and Benin are some of the most interesting nations in Africa. Ghana is especially appealing, with one of the stablest democracies on the continent and an excellent travel infrastructure accommodating visitors that want to trace the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, go on game drives in national parks, or relax on the excellent beaches of the Gulf of Guinea. The capital, Accra, is bursting with delicious food options and bustling marketplaces. The coastal historic sites of Cape Coast and Elmina have beautiful colonial forts and castles that shed light on the tragic history of the slave trade. Parks like Mole and Kakum have all the fascinating animals that travellers want to see like elephants, baboons, and monkeys, but with a fraction of the crowds.

Togo and Benin are lesser known than Ghana, but they make an excellent pairing with Ghana on a trip along the gulf. Togo has beautiful beaches and an elegant capital, Lome, which is a great place to trace West African history at excellent museums and enjoy exceptional cuisine. Benin is the birthplace of voodoo on the African continent and offers fascinating insight into this long-lived religious tradition at the temples and shrines of Ouidah. It’s also home to the startling stilt village of Ganvie, known as the “Venice of West Africa” for its bamboo huts built on stilts on the waters of Lake Nokoue.

Fishermen in Benin

Goway offers several vacation packages across these West African nations. The 4-day Accra Highlights explores the capital of Ghana, Accra, and includes visits to bead factories, historic landmarks, and the beautiful beaches of the coast. Signature Accra also focuses on the capital, but upgrades the accommodations and includes a trip to Aburi to see its celebrated Botanical Gardens. Highlights of Ghana extends the trip to 9 days to explore the slave forts and castles of Emina and Cape Coast, as well as the remnants of the Ashanti Kingdom in and around Kumasi. Ghana In Depth adds on even more value with 12 days in the country and game drives through some of its most popular national parks. West African Trilogy extends the trip into Togo and Benin to explore their national capitals and cultural landmarks, such as Ouidah and Ganvie. As always, Goway’s travel products are customizable, so get in touch to start putting together a tailor-made package for your clients.

You can learn all about Goway’s new travel packages to Ghana by signing up for our webinar taking place on February 25, 2021. Learn from the travel experts at Goway and ask questions about this emerging destination and what kind of travellers will most want to book vacations to West Africa in the near future.

Travel is about to return in a big way and so it’s the perfect time to expand your knowledge and take advantage of the next big thing in travel. Soon enough, West Africa will no longer be off the beaten path, so be sure to prepare for the interest and get ahead of the trend. Get in touch with our Destination Specialists today.


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