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Goway Expert Returns from Tahiti

Kelly Marshall, one of our Goway Travel Idyllic Islands experts, recently returned from a trip exploring The Islands of Tahiti. Here, she answers questions to help you sell this beautiful island paradise.

Which islands did you see in Tahiti?
We island-hopped and saw five islands: Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, and Le Taha’a Private Island. Each island was different and totally unique.

What was your highlight and why?
The islands are amazing, so it was all a highlight! An unexpected highlight was the day we spent in the market in Papeete on the island of Tahiti. I loved having the opportunity to mix with the locals in their everyday routines and get a taste of true French Polynesian culture. We were treated to an impromptu concert and a quick dance lesson by one of the local vendors. Of course another highlight was staying in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora and jumping off the deck of your bungalow directly into the lagoon!

Kelly Marshall - Tahitian Sunset Over Overwater Bungalows, Islands of Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Tahitian sunset over overwater bungalows

What are some interesting excursions, or itineraries that you would recommend?
We did a Shark and Ray Excursion in Bora Bora, and this is a must-do for all visitors! There are not many places in the world where you can swim up close with reef sharks and manta rays (and in case you’re wondering, they are totally harmless!). This is by far, the most amazing way to experience the famous Bora Bora lagoon.

We also spent a day on a stunning private catamaran near Raiatea. Normally travellers would enjoy a 3 night cruise on this, and the days are filled with snorkeling, swimming, dining, and relaxing on deck. A catamaran is a unique way to see the islands and is perfect for couples, families, or friends travelling together.

Kelly Marshall - Swimming With Reef Sharks, Islands of Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Swimming with reef sharks

Top Tip for Agents Selling Tahiti?
Pre purchasing meals prior to departure is my personal recommendation. There is a great deal of savings when you buy the meals in advance and it will leave a little more in the budget for some of the fabulous local cocktails, plus it takes away the hassles of worrying about meals while on vacation.

Did you learn anything new, or did anything surprise you?
What surprised me the most was how warm, welcoming, and friendly the locals are! This area is famous for its natural beauty, but it will be the beauty of the people I encountered that I will remember the most.

Kelly Marshall - Tahitian Dance Show, Islands of Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Tahitian dance show

If you can go back, what would you like to see/do?
I would love to return, and in a perfect world, I would really like the chance to explore the islands in the Marquesas. Even though The Islands of Tahiti are secluded, I would love the opportunity to really get off the beaten path and see the hidden beauty of these very remote islands.

Kelly Marshall - Goway Group in the Islands of Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Goway group in the Islands of Tahiti

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