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Goway Expert’s Tales From Italy

The Amalfi Coasts is an extremely popular region in Italy every summer. We sent, Kiran Gill, one of our experts to explore the region differently than most. She did a walking tour of this famous coastal area. We caught up with her to find out more about her trip.

Which cities did you visit in Italy?
I was fortunate to have some time in Rome before the start of my tour. It gave me a chance to see this city that has been on my bucket list for years. From there I headed south to see Naples, Sorrento, Agerola, Amalfi, Ravello, Atrani, and the famous Positano.

What was your highlight and why?
There were so many things I expected to be the highlight. The food was delicious, and the scenery everywhere was memorable. However, I have to say the highlight of my trip was the famous Sentiero degli Dei (Pathway of the Gods) to Positano. It was a gorgeous hike past towering limestone mountains, colourful wildflowers, and ancient stone houses. On the walk, you would catch a glimpse of local farmers growing vines on terraces carved into the hillside. As we got to the end, we drew closer to the jewel-like blue sea, with views of Positano.

Rome, Italy

What was your favourite city and why?
I loved Rome and all that it has on offer, but Sorrento was my favourite city. The size and attitude of it were perfect. It stole my heart because of the locally run family restaurants that offer authentic local dishes, and because of its slower pace you could sit there for hours and chat without being rushed. Sorrento is also a great base to visit other towns on the Amalfi coast. Because of its size, it means it has plenty of day tour options from the city and lots going on at night.

What are some exciting excursions, or itineraries that you would recommend?
Rome by night walking tour is a must because it is a lot more personalised with the local guide and small group. You walk past attractions such as the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. Stroll through Piazza Navona, and pass by the ruins of the ancient city at the Roman Forum. This tour is a great way to get to know the city during the twinkling evening hours. I would also recommend if you are active that you consider doing the Spirit of Amalfi tour, it was a great way for a small group to visit the region.

Amalfi Coast

Top tip for agents selling Italy?
Do not underestimate the amount of time you need in Italy. Advise clients to slow the pace of their trip down. They need a minimum three nights to explore Rome, you do not want them feeling rushed, and there is so much to see. It is always great to end an Italy trip on the Amalfi Coast, and don’t shy away from recommending Sorrento instead of smaller towns like Positano. There is plenty to do, but it is still a great place to unwind, sit back, relax and enjoy the drink.

Did you learn anything new, or did anything surprise you?
I have to say, I always knew about Pompeii but being there was a real eye-opener. Walking down the ancient roads of the Greco-Roman city to experience life in this famous Roman town before it was covered in volcanic ash. I enjoyed the fascinating history/stories that our local guide provided. I felt as if life in Pompeii was happening in front of our eyes while our guide was commenting on the different areas and activities that occurred before the volcano erupted. It was very moving.

Another spectacular view of Capri

If you could go back, what would you like to see/do?
There is not a question of ‘could’ or ‘wanting’ to go back. I am going back! Next time I will explore other regions of Italy, but I will always take the time to stop in Rome and relax in the beautiful coastal town of Sorrento before returning home.

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Nadya Phelan

Europe Product Manager - Although born in Canada, Nadya has spent much of her life globetrotting, as her parents believed that travelling was a form of education. At 20, she packed her backpack and set off to Australia for a work holiday, where she would later return to earn her degree in Tourism Management. She has also lived and worked in Ireland. Having extensively explored Europe and South America, Nadya has since been to all 7 continents and is always looking to see and experience more.

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