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Goway Globetrotters in Peru

Recently, we featured a first-hand account of one of our BDM’s first ‘real’ experience in Peru. This time we take a look at one of Goway’s happy Globetrotters, Mimi, and her first-hand experience on a recent trip to Peru with Goway. (The following has been edited for the sake of privacy and clarity.)

Well, after all these months, our trip to Peru is already over! And what a trip it was!

First, the level of organization and professionalism of Goway’s local offices was exceptional. We felt secure, pampered, and completely worry-free as far as all the transfers, timelines, luggage arrangements, hotel reservations, and every detail about our daily ins and outs. Our greeter at the Lima airport that first night, Gerry Garcia, deserves a special mention as he met four tired women and cheerfully and patiently guided us through the program details for the next few days.

Inca Fortress in the Sacred Valley

The guides were superb: well-informed, pleasant, patient, and very helpful. All three, Miguel in Lima, Gladys in the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, and Yashira in Cusco, were excellent. I think I worried Miguel a little as he tried to keep us together while we negotiated the area around the Plaza de Armas, which was being closed behind us because of protests. I tend to get very distracted by all the sights and hang back to take photos. He was gracious while keeping me in the flock.

All the drivers were pleasant and very professional. They certainly keep their vehicles in pristine condition. We felt very safe during all our travels.

The accommodations were wonderful: all hotels were excellent and their staff was attentive. The breakfasts were really, really good and plentiful with many options and the dinners we ate at the hotels were excellent. I had some difficulty with the altitude after our first day in Urubamba (the trip up to Chinchero at 12,000ft did it, I think) and the staff at the hotel were kind and helped me out with some oxygen. The dining room staff there was also especially nice.

And the sights we visited! My personal favourites were the Larco Museum in Lima, the Nazca Lines (but only after it was over. The plane ride was, to say the least, an unexpected thrill with all the dipping of wings to spot the formations), the stop at the llama farm on the way to Urubamba, and definitely, Machu Picchu.

Nazca Lines

I took a walk through the town of Urubamba and had one of the best days of the trip. I went to the Seminario Ceramics workshop, which was fabulous, walked the town, saw a group of students rehearse for a parade, bought street food, and ended up in a cafe where a Peruvian woman asked me to join her. We had a great chat (in Spanish!) for about an hour and a half. That type of experience can’t be scheduled.

We did some shopping, of course, and were impressed with the quality of many products: jewelry, textiles, ceramics, chocolate, etc; We also liked the stop at the llama farm where there were also many textiles available where we were left to browse at our own pace and not pressured to buy something, as well as the experience at the Pisac market jewelry shop and all the market stalls. Any group of vendors we encountered was wonderful.

You can see that we had a terrific trip. Muchas gracias for everything.


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