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Goway Goes to Mexico

What first comes to mind when thinking of travel to Mexico? To most – sun, beaches, and all-inclusive resorts. But there is a different side to Mexico – a side many don’t ever consider discovering. It is a Mexico of vibrant cultural and history, diverse landscapes, world-class cuisine, and surprising discoveries. In short, a globetrotter’s paradise.

Goway, in its signature style, invites you to uniquely explore Mexico – its newest destination. Get away from the crowds on the coast on a custom-made program or as part of a group tour, and see so much more of the real Mexico. Learn about the legacy of the Maya, the Aztec, and the Spanish, while enjoying all that modern Mexico has to offer.


Below are some of the world heritage cities that dot the country:
Campeche – established by the Maya around 550 BC, and later converted into a Spanish colonial port in the 16th century
Mexico City – the former Aztec capital and modern federal capital
Oaxaca – widely regarded as Mexico’s colonial gem
Guanajuato – a celebrated silver mining centre
San Miguel de Allende – home of the first fine arts school in the country.

The famed Mayan areas of Yucatan Peninsula include sites such as Palenque, Tulum (as seen in top pic), Uxmal, and the well-known Chichen Itza. In addition to other significant and lesser-known sites, these archaeological wonders provide great insight into the story of one of the world’s most intriguing and advanced civilizations of its time.

Suggested Itinerary:
Chichen Itza Ruins Day Tour


Uxmal Ruins Mexico

Tequila Shots Lined Up with LimesTequila is one of the most internationally known products to come out of Mexico. Journey to the heart of the famed Tequila region, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and see how this globally-consumed libation is produced – from the fruit of the Blue Agave cactus to the bottle. Don’t forget to taste a few while you are there!

Mexico’s culinary traditions are among the richest and most delicious in the world—and so regionally diverse, that as you travel through the country, you’ll be surprised by the variety of flavours and foods. Mexican chefs build on the ancient staples of the land—corn, beans, tomatoes, and chillies—to create recipes of remarkable complexity. It’s no surprise UNESCO designated Mexican cuisine as part of the World’s Intangible Heritage.

As the world’s 14th largest country, Mexico offers so much in terms of geographic and natural diversity. Discover activities for the whole family, from an unforgettable walk among migrating Monarch butterflies, to encounters with the whale shark, one of the most impressive marine mammals of the world. Coexist with sea turtles who spawn annually on the coast, or enjoy a photo session with thousands of colourful birds in Celestun, Yucatan.

Although Goway’s Mexico is different than the mainstream, we also know and value of downtime after exploration. Offering stays of 1 to 4 nights in Cancun and Playa del Carmen on the Mayan Riviera, our beach extensions provide a great supplement to the diverse experiences to be had throughout Mexico.

Aerial view of Cancun
Aerial view of Cancun

Travel to Mexico in an intimate fashion with customized itineraries, private guides, beautiful boutique accommodations, and itineraries that showcase the best of the country.

Suggested Itineraries:
8-Day Colonial Mexico
6-Day Mayan Mexico
4-Day Mexico City in Depth 

Special Offer:
7-Day Discover the Yucatan and Cancun
Book now and save 10%. Valid until 12pm, November 30, 2015.

Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque Tour
Shopping on a tour to Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque
Cobbled street in the town of Merida
Cobbled street in the town of Merida
View of the Avenue of the Dead, Teotihuacan
View of the Avenue of the Dead, Teotihuacan

For more information on these special offers and other Mexico vacations please visit us at www.goway.com.


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