Goway GroupsOnly Marketing Toolkit

The Goway Groups Only Marketing Toolkit offers essential tools, tips, and best practices on how to promote and grow your group and make great money doing so! 

Exclusive Cash Assist 
Start your marketing support journey on the right foot with an exclusive $15 per booked person from Goway to assist you with marketing costs. 

Support Documents 
Even a polished group travel itinerary needs polished and presentable collateral to support it, be they printed flyers or digital assets. Once a group travel quote has been agreed upon by you and/or your Pied Piper and Goway, create a polished and presentable itinerary to post online and/or distribute. This should have the day-to-day itinerary, all included items, and all optional items with their cost listed. Good imagery goes a long way to help promote your trip, but poor imagery will shoot you in the foot, so choose images wisely. 

Share Your Itinerary 
Post your finalized and polished itinerary document to your immediate databases and social network channels. Be open to questions from prospective passengers and be available to answer them in a timely manner. Ideally, have a central FAQ for all questions and answers, so you don’t need to answer the same question multiple times. 

Promote Online 
Create a Facebook page for your trip. You can list your itinerary and FAQ here, as well as share any itinerary updates. Of course, you can also share highlights of your itinerary and grow your group on Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. The more promotion, the better! 

In any promotional collateral, ensure you put the central highlight or hook of your group vacation front and center. You don’t want anyone to miss what makes your group vacation so special. Also, the uniqueness and the price of your trip will help sell your group, so make sure both are clear in your promotional material. 
Consider having an in-person or virtual presentation about the trip. Make sure your imagery is high-quality and reflective of the trip. You don’t want to look like an amateur, so avoid poor quality images or stretched formatting on a PowerPoint slide. 

Follow Up 
Plan a follow-up presentation and even have your Goway Account Manager join as a guest or support presenter, especially if the destination is one the Goway Account Manager knows intimately. Our Account Managers are well traveled and well versed in helping you close the sale (think of them as your wingman), so reach out for help locking up those final few bookings. 

Train Up 
Knowledge is power and the more you know about destinations around the world, the better you can sell your group vacation! Join the GowayPro Travel Academy to level up your travel knowledge. Take over 118 video modules on over 26 countries (and counting) worldwide. Learn with Professor Goway and equip yourself with the best tools to grow your group vacation. 

Sign up today! It’ll help you with selling your group vacation, but it’ll also help you become a Goway-certified destination specialist. 

Share with your Colleagues 
Share your group with your travel professional colleagues. Sweeten the deal for them by offering a referral fee for each booking. Once you have posted your itinerary, don’t stop. Every person you share it with is a potential new booking. Goway can also make some social media assets for you to share. Just ask us for help! 

Offer Incentives 
Offer an early bird booking bonus to secure travelers. Naturally, you want to build some wiggle room into at the quote and itinerary build stage, so you can grow your group as needed. But by communicating an urgency to book, and offering incentives, you can help potential travelers decide. We all know there are many people who like to kick the tires on future travel planning. We want to avoid this tendency at all costs, especially when planning a group vacation. 

If you have any past clients, offer them a past passenger discount. Also, if you’ve had positive experiences with them, ask them for some testimonials about your professionalism and how successful your past group vacations have been. And then share these testimonials! Don’t be shy about singing your own praises when selling your group.

Spread the Word 
There are many avenues to spread the word online. 

Record a Podcast: You can record a short chat with your Pied Piper and/or Goway Account manager about all the reasons to be excited about your itinerary, the destination, and all the reasons why someone should join it. 

Make a Video: This doesn’t need to be as professional as you may fear. Record some visuals of the destination, add a quick message from you or your Pied Piper, share relevant details about your trip, and post it on social media. It’ll do wonders to grow your trip. 

Goway GroupsOnly – Marketing & Selling Your Group

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