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Goway Islands Expert Returns from Greece

Goway Islands Expert Gemma Adina has recently returned from a FAM trip to Greece, where she had an epic adventure island hopping throughout the Greek Islands. Here, Gemma shares her memorable experiences, tips, and reasons why you should recommend Greece to your clients:

Where did you go in Greece?

I was fortunate enough to do some island hopping while I was in Greece, starting in Athens before heading out to some of the more popular islands like Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. If you have clients looking for a similar package, you should have a look at one of our top selling packages, Greece Highlights.

Can you describe some of the properties you visited?

Most of the properties that I visited ranged from 4-star to luxury 5-star hotels, some being chain hotels like the Electra properties in Athens and Myconian collections in Mykonos, as well as some boutique family-owned properties throughout the islands. The star rating is based on European clientele and may differ from North American standards.

The Greece FAM Group

Any ideal accommodations?

My personal favourite was Canaves Oia Hotel, which is one of our Stay of Distinctions on Santorini. The rooms in this luxury boutique hotel are stunning and unique with spectacular views. In my opinion, the hotel is perfection in every respect.

Did you learn anything new, or did anything surprise you?

Acropolis, Athens

Absolutely! Now that I have seen the destination, it is much easier to design a package for clients that meet their requirements. I learned that Santorini hotels are all about the view of the volcano, while hotels in Athens are all about the view of the Acropolis.

What are some exciting excursions/activities you would recommend?

The most exciting thing that I did was the sunset cruise in Santorini. It is the best way to appreciate the beauty of the island. Santorini has the most spectacular views, and the cruise ends on a high note with the most photographed view of the sunset.

What tips can you recommend for travel agents for this destination?

  1. June to October is the best time to visit Greece. However, I recommend booking the trip well in advance due to space availability.
  2. There is so much to see and do in Athens, and a walking tour of the Acropolis is a must. However, it’s not recommended for clients with walking issues. The new Acropolis Museum is a great alternative.
  3. I highly recommend agents include Santorini in the itinerary for at least three nights. If you have not seen Santorini, you have not been to Greece.
    Offer accommodations in Santorini for hotels along the cliff to get the best view of the caldera and the sea at the same time. These hotels, however, are not for clients with walking issues as they have to go up and down many flights of stairs
  4. In Mykonos, if clients want to party, then hotels near the beach are highly recommended. All the Myconian hotels are luxurious properties and are unique. They occupy one side of the mountain with a private beach at the bottom which is used for beach parties. There is a free shuttle to the beach available. The Petasos Beach Hotel is in an excellent location for a beach party and relatively cheaper than the Myconians.
  5. To save time, agents should suggest their clients take the option to fly between Santorini and Heraklion back to Athens as opposed to taking the ferry.

You can contact Gemma for any questions on Greece or for assistance in creating the perfect vacation package for your clients.

Gemma Adina
Phone: 1 800 667 6601 ex 6235
Email: [email protected]


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