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Goway Releases 2020/21 Central & South America and the Polar Regions Travel Planner

Goway Central & South America Travel Planner one of the best tools for planning travel

Goway Travel has released its 2020/21 Central & South America Travel Plannerwith an expanded offering and, as always, a great variety of products at competitive pricing. It is a comprehensive selling tool for Central & South America, and the Polar regions

Goway’s proven travel module formula lets holiday planners combine exciting city stopovers with Central & South America’s big-name attractions and boutique travel ideas. This makes the Goway Central & South America Travel Planner one of the best tools out there for planning travel in Central & South America, from Mexico to Patagonia and beyond. With itinerary choices from 3-star to 5-star levels, train journeys, a wide choice of boutique cruising options in the Galapagos, the Amazon, or the Panama Canal, customisable itineraries to set-date small group departures, a journey to South America has never been easier, nor more accessible.  

In the footsteps of legends

2020 also marks Goway’s 50th anniversary. While the company will celebrate this milestone in many ways, the newly-created the Natural Selection: In the Footsteps of Legends in Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands is a 32-day Journey of a Lifetime with unabashed luxury and unforgettable experiences taking in two of the region’s, and world’s, most famous sites in celebration of Goway’s golden anniversary. 

5-star luxury and boutique properties throughout, a private charter on board the 5-star cruiser Infinity, and unique experiences including immersive culinary and historical tours will ensure this is truly a Journey of a Lifetime. Peter Frost, a writer, photographer, and independent scholar who has explored the Andes and Amazon for 47 years, and lived in Peru since 1987, will join the group in Cusco as a special guest guide, and pass on his immense and intimate knowledge of the region and the history of the Incas. This a truly unique opportunity for Goway’s Globetrotting clients.

Hanging out near the Panama Canal

In addition to the Natural Selection, there are other exciting new additions to this year’s travel planner, including: Argentina haciendas and wineries; Chilean wineries; small group Wonders of Mayan Mexico; Costa Rica long stays; Buenos Aires apartment rentals; Ecuadorian hacienda stays; new day tours for Quito, such as a Photography Tour & Cotopaxi day trip, Art & Chocolate Quito, and more; new Galapagos experiences from the luxury vessels, Endemic and Elite, to superior and first-class offerings such as Santa Cruz, Alya, and Tip Top IV; a land-based stay on a Giant Tortoise reserve; a seafront hotel in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos; the Palccoyo Trek to a rainbow mountain in Peru; a luxury tented camp on the Uyuni Salt Flats, and new options for Torres del Paine National Park—and so much more! 

As well, there is the Ross Sea Journey from Ushuaia to New Zealand, Arctic itineraries from the Spitsbergen Explorer, a journey to the North Pole, and much more. 

Goway’s unique Holidays of a Lifetime have undergone some streamlining to further enhance the traveller’s experience and offer unique, value-for-money experiences. The very popular Cradle of the Incas tour covers the highlights of Peru for US $4,199 / CA $5,349. The 9-day Samba, Tango and Waterfalls tour, starting at US $6,099 / CA $7,849, offers the best experiences in Brazil and Argentina. Both of these tours come together to create the exquisite 17-day Signature South America program, allowing travellers to experience all three of these countries in style, starting at US $10,199 / CA $12,999. 

The Sun and Moon Temple, Peru

Popular compact destinations for those travellers short on time include Peru, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Exploring nature’s wilder side, Goway continues to see steady and pleasing demand for Antarctica, Easter Island, and Chile, with Argentina regaining its rightful place as one of the region’s most sought-after destinations.  

In short, Goway is the one stop shop for all things Central & South America and the Polar Regions, from budget to luxury, including small ship and traditional cruises, pre and post cruise options, small group travel, group and incentive travel, adventure travel, honeymoons, luxurious experiences, and more.  

To order your copy of the Central & South America Travel Planner, please call 1-888-469-2955, email [email protected], or visit www.goway.com.


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