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Goway Travel Expands Product Offerings in Japan to Meet Rising Demand

2016 was a record year for Goway’s Asia division and topping the list of destinations that contributed to that growth was Japan.

Goways general manager, Diane Molzan, gets fitted in her own kimono
Goway’s general manager, Diane Molzan, gets fitted in her own kimono

“Japan is definitely hot,” said general manager of the division, Diane Molzan. We anticipated a bumper year thanks to the soft performance of the yen and growing interest as a result of the pending Olympic games set for 2020, but even my crystal ball couldn’t have predicted the high demand for the country,” continued Molzan.

What’s interesting is that we have seen an increase in repeat passengers to the destination that has demanded that we focus on product innovation more than ever before. With our new brochure set to hit the streets by mid-March, we’ve added a line up of new programs that explore beyond the Golden Route. (Tokyo, Hakone & Kyoto).

While Goway has always been an industry leader in offering customized travel to Asia, this year watch out for specials that will showcase some of the lesser-known areas such as the islands of Kyushu and Hokkaido. Even on the main island of Honshu itself, there are still so many incredibly stunning hidden gems that typically the first time traveller to Japan tends to overlook. Trips like Explore Japan that take travellers to the cultural hotspot of Takayama or the newly opened Himeji castle offer a different side of Japan. The focus will be to put these tours front and centre.

The Old City of Takayama
The Old City of Takayama

Japan is a quirky and fun destination. It is so culturally different than North America. Goway also offers a host of unique experiences that will allow the traveller to immerse him or herself in the country. Instead of simply being a tourist, Goway implores its guests to put down their cameras and get involved. From taking Ninja lessons to donning a kimono to sitting ringside at one of the sumo tournaments, getting up close and personal is what it’s all about.

Goway’s team of Asia only dedicated experts will craft an itinerary that will give clients an anything but ordinary experience which let’s face it, is what we are all after.

Visit Goway’s Japan site for a list of Japan travel ideas but better yet, call us at 1 800 387 8850 and get first hand advice from one of our experts.


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