GowayPro Spotlight: Africa & the Middle East

The unmatched natural wonder, enthralling cultural exploration, deliciously unique gastronomy, and timeless history of Africa and the Middle East establish them as two of the world’s best travel destinations.

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Intro to Africa & the Middle East 

Africa promises unmatched adventure, cultural exploration, and wildlife experiences, from the timeless pyramids of Egypt to the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar. Unique safaris bring your clients up close to a diverse array of wildlife, including elephants, lions, giraffes, African buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopards. Take them from the peaks of Kilimanjaro, the thunderous Victoria Falls, and even further to the Middle East, where historic travel experiences await. The majestic ruins of Petra, the beautiful Mediterranean coast, and the exciting attractions of Dubai are just some of the region’s highlights, with even more unforgettable destinations ready to discover!

Trips to Africa & the Middle East 

Our diverse selection of suggested itineraries to Africa and the Middle East is perfect for new and experienced travellers, family adventures, wildlife safaris, honeymoon escapes, and stopovers to Asia and beyond!

Tailor-Made Group Travel to Africa & the Middle East

Goway GroupsOnly makes booking any tailor-made trip to Africa and the Middle East simple and efficient, with plenty of our sample group itineraries to inspire your clients. 

Inspirational Articles on Africa & the Middle East

Inspire your clients to discover Africa and the Middle East with some of our most recent articles on the regions:  

Country Information 

Visit our detailed destination pages on Africa and the Middle East for more quick tips on the best time to visit, food and drink, packing advice, and some of the best experiences available to you and your clients.

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