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Goway’s South America Pre and Post Cruise Modules

Goway offers a wide choice of expedition and boutique cruising, from the Galapagos Islands, to the Amazon, to Antarctica. While not directly involved in the traditional cruises that sail by and around the South American continent, we do recognize the growth and importance of this segment of the market. To assist cruise clients and travel agencies who specialize in this sector, Goway has created a series of modules, shore excursions, and short trips that cater to the cruise traveller. Options cover all the main ports of call on a South America cruise.

South America is continually growing in popularity, not only with the Globetrotter who is looking for a customized itinerary, but also with the cruise client. Goway is always listening to the demands of the travelling public and the requirements of their agent partners, and has recognized this dramatic increase in the requests for cruise extensions.

While a South America cruise is a great option for travel, nothing can replace spending time in and exploring the regions at your own pace. Goway focuses on experiential travel, and our in-destination travel ideas compliment the cruise experience. Many travellers find that after time on a cruise with hundreds or thousands of people, they would like to indulge in private, customized travel which offers some quality time with their families and travel partners.

Photographing Machu Picchu, Peru
Photographing Machu Picchu

Many of Goway’s existing travel ideas already fit perfectly for cruise passengers’ pre and post requirements, as well as shore excursion requests during the cruise when at port.

Here are some suggestions for land tours and itineraries:

Lima, Peru:
3-Day Lima Stopover – Ancient Cultures
6-Day Heart of the Incas
2-Day Machu Picchu Express – This itinerary is specifically designed if Lima is a port of call en-route, ensuring you are back in Lima on time to board your cruise vessel.

Santiago, Chile:
Santiago Like a Native
3-Day Santiago Stopover

Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile

Ushuaia, Argentina:
3-Day Ushuaia Stopover

Buenos Aires, Argentina:
4-Day Buenos Aires With Style Stopover
3-Day Buenos Aires Highlights
2-Day Iguassu Falls (Argentina)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
3-Day Rio – Jewel in the Crown
plus Carnaval add-ons

Goway’s most popular cruise extension is the 8-Day Iguassu Falls, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro itinerary. This option allows your passengers to visit Buenos Aires, Iguassu Falls, and Rio (or reverse), and can be used as a pre or post cruise option, but has also proven popular as a mid-cruise option. Passengers leave from the port in either Rio or Buenos Aires, travel via Iguassu Falls, and then re-join their cruise ship as it docks in Rio or Buenos Aires.

Iguassu Falls, Argentina Brazil
Iguassu Falls
La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina
La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires

When you think of a traditional South America cruise, think of Goway for all the amazing cruise extensions and pre and post options that we have on offer.


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