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Idyllic Islands General Manager returns from Samoa

Richelle Emefe, Goway Idyllic Islands General Manager, returned from a travel trade show in Samoa, sponsored by Samoa Tourism and Fiji Airways. Richelle had the opportunity to visit a variety of resorts on the islands of Upolu and Savaii. Here, Richelle shares some of her most memorable experiences, tips, and reasons why you should recommend Samoa as a great destination with lots of history and culture along with untouched beauty located in the South Pacific.

Where is Samoa and how does one get there?

Samoa is a hidden gem located in the South Pacific, east of Fiji. It isn’t one of the most popular islands in the South Pacific, but it’s one of the greatest. Fiji Airways offers daily service from the US West Coast to Samoa via Fiji. The flights depart in the evening, which makes for easy connections from your hometown. Another great way to get to Samoa is through Hawaii, which makes an excellent stopover en route.

What did you see and do in Samoa?

There is so much to do in Samoa. Whether you are an active hiker or a beachgoer, this island has something for everyone. A must on everyone’s bucket list should be a visit to To Sua Ocean Trench on the south coast. The To Sua Ocean Trench is a giant swimming hole that consists of two giant holes joined via an ancient lava cave. The beautiful 30m-deep turquoise water-filled hole is only accessible by ladder.

Any favourite accommodations?

This is a tough one as there are so many excellent properties for different reasons. If I had to choose one, I would pick Seabreeze Resort. This luxury boutique resort is tucked away on a private secluded bay with a white sandy beach and beautiful turquoise water. From the moment you arrive, you know you are somewhere special—and the martinis are to die for!

How does Samoa compare to other South Pacific islands like Fiji, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands?

Samoa is not a hopping tourist destination like its sister islands of the Pacific. The pristine beauty of this country is untouched. You won’t find any crowded beaches or markets, which makes this tropical paradise the perfect place to put your feet up and unwind.

What tip can you recommend to travel agents recommending this destination to their clients?

Book a stopover en route and extend your clients stay. Fiji Airways makes it very easy for North Americans to stop in Hawaii and Fiji (or both). Why not combine all three islands and experience the different Polynesian cultures?

What was your favourite experience in Samoa?

Kayaking and snorkelling amongst giant turtles, of course! Our day started with a leisure paddle down a small mangrove stream while keeping a lookout for beautiful wild orchids. Once we reached the lagoon, we paddled out to the reef where we came face to face with the giant turtles. These turtles are so large they are unafraid of humans, which allowed us to get into the water for a quick snorkel.

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