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Increase Your Asia Sales with Goway’s Tips & Tricks

Asia Expert, Steve Perkins, shares his top tips to agents, based on his experience and expertise of this exotic part of the world. If you are a frequent booker of Asia by Goway, you will know Steve’s reputation for excellence in product knowledge and customer care are unsurpassed.

Asia is BIG!

In fact, it is the largest continent on Earth, and home to some of the most ancient civilizations, important historic events and monuments, interesting local cultures, stunningly beautiful scenery, and culinary delights. Once thought a region only for the most well-travelled clientele, these days, nothing could be farther from the truth. This vibrantly-rich continent is seeing more and more visitors per year, as people become more adventurous in their travels, wanting to become worldlier by gaining a more global perspective. There really is something for everyone – business travellers, families, couples/honeymooners, retirees, history buffs, and foodies!

Here are some tips and tricks for increasing your Asia sales with Goway:

1) Be confident in offering Asia as the next “must visit” destination for your valued clientele
It is true that Asia can be a daunting destination to confidently suggest to your clients, due to its massive size, number of countries, and the fact that there is so much to know. Luckily, our Asia by Goway team of expert consultants makes it our main focus to assist you in becoming an expert yourself and closing those inquiry/bookings. All members of our team have either lived in Asia themselves or travelled extensively in the region. We’re passionate about this vibrant destination and want to share all this continent has to offer with you and your clients. We often host great informational webinars and are always willing to conference call with you and your clients to assist in answering specific questions/requests that may be out of your realm of direct expertise.

Phi Phi Island Longtail Boats, Thailand
Longtail Boats in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

2) Visit Goway’s award-winning website for hundreds of travel ideas and packages and useful information for all aspects of travel to Asia
For initial consultations with your clients who are interested in travelling to Asia, I strongly recommend visiting and becoming familiar with our fantastic website. You’ll find it to be an invaluable resource of travel itineraries, packages, and essential information. We are really the masters of FIT travel as well, so you’ll be happy to know that we can customize almost all of our travel ideas to specifically meet the needs, interests, budget requirements, and time frame of your clients’ travel plans.

Check out our Asia Special Offers page

Steve Perkins at Great Wall of China
Steve at Great Wall of China, just an hour outside of Beijing

3) Ask the right questions
Knowing the best questions to ask when qualifying your clients for their travels to Asia is key, as this will greatly assist your Asia by Goway consultant in preparing the best possible quote, meeting all of the client’s wishes/requirements right from the start, limiting the need for multiple revisions. A quick quote almost always leads to a quick sale. Here are 2 of the most important questions recommended from our team of experts:

What is a comfortable budget you have set aside or in your mind for this trip?
Almost all clients know the answer to this question, but very few will divulge unless specifically asked. Having this key piece of information allows our team of consultants to provide the best possible travel arrangements/quote within their range. We can offer great options and suggestions to maximize value, and can quickly determine when a budget point may not be realistic in relation to travel arrangements sought, depending on length of trip and number of countries.

Have you ever visited Asia before? If so, where? What did you do?
Did you know that once a traveller visits Asia there is an extremely high chance that they will want to return to visit again and again? Remember, this continent is huge, and there are so many different countries/cultures and experiences to be enjoyed. If you can determine the type of travel that has been done before in this part of the world, it will greatly assist in ensuring that you can “wow” them with their next trip, by not duplicating any experiences that they may have already had before.

Indian Woman Covering Half Face With Sari, India
Woman in traditional sari, India

4) Know that Asia is affordable, and impart this key piece of information with your clientele
Keep in mind that Asia is a great value destination no matter what style of client you have. Goway offers a range of accommodation options to suit every budget point – from the more moderate 3-star hotels to the most discerning VIP luxury stays. Take, for example, our 11-Day Asia Sampler which includes air from select North American gateways and first class accommodation throughout, for only $2799CAD / $2399USD per person!

Asia also offers exceptional value especially when booking early and during the right times. Even a 5-star luxury client will find incredible value in Asia compared to other continents. During off peak season in many countries, guests can enjoy stay/pay promotions, discounts/incentives, and less crowded sites. For instance, our summer promo for the 4-Day Vibrant Hong Kong tour includes a stay at the 5-star luxurious Shangri-La in Kowloon. Entitled, Discover Hong Kong, this 3-night package will save couples $500 if booked by Aug 31, 2016.

Another bonus with Asia offering such exceptional value for dollar, is that it’s a great region in which to upsell your clients. Clients usually budget the same amount each year for vacations, so when it comes to Asia, don’t be afraid to offer a variety of excursions and extras to really leave your clients with a memorable experience. It’s easy to see why people so easily fall in love with Asia.

Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

5) Book early!
With many of our great travel ideas and tailor-made holidays, we only require a $300.00 per guest non-refundable deposit to proceed with requesting confirmation for land services. Once confirmation is received (typically 24-48 hours) from our fantastic ground teams in Asia, international/intra-Asia airfare payment is required to issue tickets (if applicable) and then no further payment is typically required until 60 days prior to departure. Lock in your client’s Asia travel arrangements early for best availability, and most importantly, price, when it comes to land arrangements, airfares, etc.

For travellers looking to discover exotic Asia during the ever popular Christmas/New Years period, Goway’s team of experts suggests booking at least 6-8 months in advance (if not earlier).

Steve Perkins in Cebu, Philippines
Steve Perkins in Cebu, Philippines

Steve has been working with Goway for almost 4 years. He spent 5 years living and working in Japan. While there, he travelled extensively throughout Asia before returning home with an undying passion for this continent, packed away in his suitcase! Since joining Goway, Steve has travelled to the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, India (twice), Thailand, and is currently exploring China. Steve can also be reached directly at [email protected].


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