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Live like a Local in the Cook Islands

For globetrotters seeking the ultimate cultural immersion, Goway offers a unique and original travel idea. Live like a Local packages have found great success in the South Pacific, allowing globetrotters to mingle and interact with locals in a more everyday setting than most travel packages allow.

The Cook Islands remain one of the best kept secrets in the South Pacific, consisting of fifteen islands spread between New Zealand and Hawaii. They offer many opportunities for the kind of beach getaway travellers fantasize about, along with a chance for immersion into island culture, living like a local in paradise.

Traditional Polynesian Band

Cook Islanders are extremely friendly people, more than happy to welcome visitors to their islands and help them adjust to ‘island time.’ This is key to relaxing while visiting the Cook Islands. There’s no sense of urgency here. There aren’t even traffic lights! Cook Islanders take their time and enjoy every moment of the day. Those wanting to experience the Cooks at their most authentic will want to slow down to take in everything these beautiful islands have to offer.

On Goway’s Live like a Local, Cook Island programme, travellers spend 12 nights in one of nature’s crowning achievements, the Cook Islands. Their vacation can be as busy or relaxed as they want, lazing on white-sand beaches overlooking turquoise waters, or sinking into the rhythms of the Cooks and connecting to the amazing people that call these islands home.

Local experiences included in Goway’s Live Like a Local program are a tour of the Highland Paradise Cultural Centre, for the inside story on Cook Islands culture and history. Travellers will also enjoy a trek with a colourful local character, hearing stories about native myths and legends and meeting some of the indigenous flora and fauna. A progressive dinner caps things off with a truly local experience. A hosted three course dinner at three different local family homes gives travellers the opportunity to interact and build new relationships with the Cook Islanders.

For more information about the Cook Islands or assistance creating the perfect vacation package, contact one of Goway’s IslandsExperts.

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