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A Love Affair With Venice in 48 Hours

Venice is one of those cities that sometimes leaves people wondering what all the fuss is about. Chances are, those people travelled on a day trip when the city is packed shoulder to shoulder down small cobblestone streets. Others, however, will insist that the history, romance, and charm of this landmark city does not disappoint.

We are here to help navigate this unique destination in 48 hours, and provide some tips on when to go and how to have the best experience.

Gondola Selfies
Day 1

Upon arrival, get a transfer to your hotel, most likely involving some water transportation. If you are travelling in peak season and do a shared transfer, remember that these boats will be full, and luggage restrictions will apply. Venice can be expensive, and the hotels frequently look a bit worn. Even your five stars have a worn look to them when they are traditional Venetian, consider its charm and history. We recommend spending a bit more in this destination to make sure you are centrally located. This will really work to your advantage come day two. Once at the hotel, check in, drop your bags, and put on some comfortable shoes. Make your way to your gondola ride, preferably with Prosecco. Sure it’s a cliché, but with good reason. It’s also an excellent way to experience classic Venice on day one of your visit. Tonight, wander the streets and find a local restaurant after all the tourists have gone home. Early morning and late afternoon Venice is a totally different city to daytime Venice.

Grand Canale
Day 2

We know you’re on vacation, but wake up early. No, that’s not a suggestion! You’ll be glad you did, particularly as you make your way to Piazza Saint Marco first thing in the morning. Have the square all to yourself for some beautiful pictures. Maybe you‘ll even see the vendors setting up for the day. Make your way back to the hotel for breakfast and then get ready for your day out.

Today, do a walking tour of the city, there is so much on offer, walking is the best way to navigate the small back streets of the city. Ask your guide for a restaurant recommendation for dinner tonight.

We also recommend doing a tour of Murano. This neighbouring island is where all the famous intricate glass comes from, and this art form is still well and truly alive today. Grab a gelato and go for a wander through the shops of this unique little island.

Piiazza San Marco
Day 3

This morning get ready to say goodbye to beautiful Venice, pick up some last minute souvenirs and a delicious coffee as you take a stroll before checking out of your accommodation, ready to transfer to your next destination.


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