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It’s Never Too Late to Go to Europe

As the weather grows cold, we bundle up and the phone begins to ring with clients looking to escape. Realizing that winter is upon us, they are looking to get away in the short term. For those clients that aren’t beach lovers but love food and culture, consider sending them over the pond to Europe.

The weather in most of Western Europe is temperate compared to the majority of Canadian winters. Here are three major reasons to travel in winter to some of Europe’s classic destinations.

It’s the time of year to get a deal

For clients looking to save on a European holiday, winter is the time to go. Hotel rates and airfares tend to be lower during this season as less people are travelling. This means you are more likely to save money per night or even get a room upgrade when you ask at check in.

The crowds are smaller

Europe in the winter, especially before and just after Christmas, is magical. The streets are lit with twinkling lights and everyone is out in their stylish winter layers enjoying the seasonal traditions. Locals are out reclaiming their city and catching up with friends and family, enjoying the pubs, restaurants and the night life. They’re also more likely to chat with tourists than in peak season, when popular establishments can seem overwhelmed by visitors. This goes for attractions too. Many have less of a line up or no line at all in winter, so you can wander at a slower pace without the pressure of navigating a giant crowd. Visiting places like the Ramblas in Barcelona is perfect at this time of the year. You have space to walk up and down and wander in and out of stores, without being shoulder to shoulder with tourists.

Throwing coins into Trevi Fountain

The climate is comfortable

Depending where you are in Western Europe, you can be enjoying winter weather wearing no more than a couple of good layers. Tempered by the Atlantic, this region enjoys a much milder winter than most of North America, meaning you can enjoy a more active vacation without the heat of the day sapping your energy. Bundle up and enjoy the Eiffel Tower, then stroll to a café and enjoy a glass of wine. Or imagine walking down Oxford Street with all its lights twinkling and heading into a cozy pub for a delicious warm stew before heading out again to enjoy a night flight on the London Eye.

See more attractions

With smaller crowds, you may find you see more in less time. Some attractions are closed for seasonality, but many, including most of the big draws remain open, making a winter trip ideal for first-timers. Many of the main attractions like the Sagrada Famillia, Alhambra, Louvre, Shard, or Vatican are less busy with tourists. This means you can get into these sights and enjoy them at your own pace. It also means you don’t feel compelled to spend hours at an attraction just because you spent ages in the queue. If you are trying to see a lot in a short amount of time, things move a lot faster in winter.

Our experts are here to help. If your clients have a budget, but no idea where or how to spend it, let us help get them the best value for every dollar.


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