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Your Perfect Long Stay Destination in Europe for Winter 2019-20

The concept of ‘long stays’ or ‘snowbirds’ is familiar to a lot of North Americans, particularly those looking to escape the chilly winter for a month or more at a time. It might mean Florida or Arizona, but it can also be a fantastic opportunity to really get out there and experience living in a foreign country.

Imagine a few months enjoying barbecues on an Aussie beach, or sipping wine, overlooking the green hills of New Zealand. Alternatively, escape the chill the way the Europeans do, on the southern shores of the Mediterranean. Sure, it’s still technically winter there, but the weather would pass for a pleasant spring day in many parts of North America. Think Californian ‘winter’ and you’ll be close to the mark, particularly when it comes to destinations like Portugal, Spain, and Malta.

Why choose a Goway long stay? Because we’re dedicated to offering packages that immerse you in the destination. That means maximum flexibility, with accommodation typically in 3 and 4-star self-catered apartments. You’ll have the support of a local rep, return transfers to the airport, and optional excursions to take the hassle out of planning. Plus, our Europe long stays have the option of upgrading to half or full board, just to make dining in that much easier.

So, options abound. But which one is right for you?

Costa Del Sol, Spain

Break out the sangria! The Costa Del Sol has been luring visitors to Spain’s southern coast for some time. This well-developed 150-kilometre stretch of coast spreads between Malaga and Gibraltar, with Granada, Cordoba, and even Seville within day tripping distance. All are part of Andalusia, one of Spain’s most culturally dynamic regions where centuries of Moorish, Christian, and Jewish influences all come together. Europeans crowd the coast for their summer vacation, but if you’re here to escape the winter, you’ll enjoy much milder temperatures, lighter crowds, and lower prices. The winter might not offer ideal ‘beach weather,’ but it’s still very pleasant, and is by far the best time to take a cultural vacation in Andalusia.

Who’s it for: Culture vultures and lovers of Spanish and Moorish culture will be in heaven, particularly with lighter winter crowds. It’s also an ideal base for a no-rush adventure through Southern Spain.

Algrave, Portugal
The Algarve, Portugal

If Lisbon is Portugal’s beating heart, The Algarve is its glamour strip. Dolled up with gorgeous beaches and year-round mild weather, the region is a treasure trove of Portuguese culture wrapped up in a series of resort towns on the country’s south coast. Enjoying its moment as Europe’s star attraction, Portugal still offers one of the continent’s most diverse, culturally rich, and affordable destinations. Adjust your daily schedule to match the Portuguese, and discover the pleasure of self-prepared tapas-style lunches and dinners, in between visits to historic castle towns and delightful fishing villages. The country’s excellent rail system makes day trips a breeze.

Who’s it for: The Algarve will please just about anyone, including beach bums, culture vultures, foodies, and party animals. Golfers also take note. The region is famous for its links.

Sunny Malta

If this island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean hasn’t pinged your bucket list yet, consider the following. Centuries of history at the literal crossroads between Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, with a rich influx of culture from each of those regions. Idyllic weather year-round, with relatively light tourist crowds. English is one of the island’s two official languages, or try learning some Maltese, a language more closely related to Arabic than anything European. Malta’s tiny size also makes seeing different regions and exploring its fascinating history a breeze.

Who’s it for: Globetrotters who want to experience a unique corner of Europe not yet on the mainstream tourist trail. History buffs will find plenty to discover.


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