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GowayAir – Easing the pain for Agents

Selling air tickets has become a tedious task for most travel agents, with minimal profit opportunity for the time invested in researching, booking, and ultimately managing the file. Schedule changes and other voluntary or involuntary changes tend to crop up between the booking date and the completion of the travel itinerary, adding to the agent’s time commitment and often their frustration with the process.

GowayAir is thriving in the world of air ticket sales because they take all that pain away for retail agents, managing files from quote time right through to completion of the trip. The GowayAir team also has a knack of finding extra profit for retail agents when it may have initially seemed little or none was available. “Having contracted net fare agreements with more than 50 of the world’s leading airlines will do that,” says Scott Roseblade Goway’s VP Air. GowayAir also operates in the USA and offers both CAD and USD fares to meet retail agency customer’s needs.

Most agents well know Goway’s long standing reputation as the top provider of fares and packages to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands. However, a lot has evolved at Goway  over the years and Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America are all key destinations featured in  GowayAir’s offers. The company has become a global destination airfare provider. A team of airfare experts operates GowayAir’s Complex Air Desk, delivering a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating the best options for long haul international travel. More simple, point to point travel can be booked on GowayAir.com, and both options provide bonus awards  on Goway’s reloadable Visa card.

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