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Scandinavia – Best of Europe’s North

August 11th 2018, EXCLUSIVE GOWAY departure

Few destinations blend old and new as seamlessly as Scandinavia. Visitors to Northern Europe quickly discover why Norway, Sweden, and Denmark lead the world in innovation, sustainability, and happiness. Celebrating their rich past even as they focus on the future, Scandinavia’s capital cities, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen are ideal spots for a cultural holiday, either linked together, or on their own.

The three countries that make up Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden and Denmark – are some of the most picturesque and beautiful in Europe. Easily accessible from North America and easy and affordable add-ons to journeys from main land Europe. It’s no coincidence that these great destinations consistently rank among the world’s happiest nations. All three countries are connected by excellent air, rail, road, and sea networks and offer a journey into a vibrant histories stretching from the Vikings, to the Middle Ages, to modern times.

The contrast is clear in Scandinavia’s capitals, Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen – cities that can all be explored over one exciting trip. They’re also among the most tourist-friendly destinations in Europe. Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes are all known for their English proficiency.

Noble Museum Stockholm Old Town

Whether island-hopping in Stockholm’s enchanting archipelago, stepping into Viking heritage in Oslo at the Viking ship Museum, or experiencing the trendy Vesterbro neighborhood on two-wheels in Copenhagen, Scandinavia is an unbeatable vacation.

Scandinavia’s past is guaranteed to stir anyone’s imagination, from prolific rock paintings to sunken Viking ships. Progressive thinking, sleek minimalist décor, and revolutionary environmental practices also allow a peek into the future.

Modern architecture sits alongside historical castles and palaces. As the old kingdoms were based on trade via the surrounding seas, the capitals are all harbor cities and are some of the most stunningly beautiful in the world.


Getting to Scandinavia has never been easier.  Scandinavian Airlines offers the most non-stop flights, with departures from New York/Newark, Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Miami. Through partnerships with United, Air Canada, American, Alaska and Virgin America, SAS offers smooth connections via its gateways to Scandinavia from cities throughout the US and Canada.

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