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South America’s Cradle of the Incas Holiday of a Lifetime in Peru

Of all the thousands of travel ideas offered by Goway, only 13 carry its “promise of something special.” Goway’s 9-Day Cradle of the Incas is truly a special itinerary for those seeking the best of travel in South America… namely, the best of Peru!

With governed territory at its pinnacle, larger than that of the Roman Empire, the Aztecs, and the Mayans, the Incan Empire spread from Lake Titicaca in modern Peru, to encompass the Andean stretch from what is today Colombia, into northern Argentina and Chile. The empire was established in the 15th century and grew to its height in the 16th century, with over 10 million people under Incan control. It was conquered and destroyed in less than 40 years with the discovery of the New World.

Mural in Cusco of Incan Empire, Peru
Mural in Cusco of the Incan Empire

A journey into the Cradle of the Incas is to step back into this grand world, as the remnants of this once mighty civilization dot the path – from Lima to Cusco, into the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu

Goway has finessed its flagship South American 5-star Holiday of a Lifetime to bring to the modern Globetrotter not only a taste of ancient Peru, but of the modern vibrant country it has become.

Fully escorted and led by Goway’s own Tour Directors, this 9-day itinerary begins in Lima and includes 5-star accommodation, private touring, air-conditioned transfers and transport, 2 visits to Machu Picchu, as well as visits to a local community, Pisac markets, and numerous unique dining experiences, including dinner at the Larco Museum in Lima – with its rare collection of pre-Incan artifacts.

Llama Dolls Locally Made, Pisac Market, Sacred Valley, Peru
Llama dolls locally made, Pisac Market

With cooking lessons and sundowners overlooking Cusco, the trip also introduces the traveller to the amazing food that Peru offers, and they will see first-hand why Peru has won World Travel Awards for culinary offerings for so many years!

Peru has a wide choice of accommodation offerings and leads the continent in 5-star experiences. The Cradle of the Incas – Holiday of a Lifetime uses only the best, including the JW Marriott in Lima, as well as the JW Marriott Cusco – a Goway “Stay of Distinction,” which features original Inca walls as part of the architecture. Another “Stay of Distinction” is the stunning property of the Aranwa Sacred Valley, where travellers will rest in comfort after each day of exciting explorations.

JW Marriott El Convento Cusco Reception, Peru
Reception area at JW Marriott Cusco
Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness Hotel Bridge & Horse Carriage, Peru
The grounds at Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness Hotel

Today’s Peru is a melting pot of the ancient Incan, pre-Incan (yes there were other equally fascinating civilizations other than the Incas in the region), and Spanish cultures, as well as the more modern influences from Asia and Europe. Food reflects this diversity, as do the people. It is a modern, fast-growing, and developing country in general. Despite all the changes, however, you cannot help but be transported back to the time of one of the world’s largest and most regionally influential civilizations. You are surrounded by their buildings and their culture, and there is no doubt that as the Incas did at the time of their prominence, they will leave a lasting impression on the 21st century Globetrotter.

The 9-Day Cradle of the Incas – Holiday of a Lifetime is the perfect itinerary for the discerning traveller wanting to truly experience the heart of the Incan Empire. It is part of Goway’s exclusive Holiday of a Lifetime series.

For more information on this Holiday of a Lifetime, please visit us at www.goway.com. Goway’s South American Division is staffed by experts who ONLY sell South America.


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