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Tips for Enjoying Rome

Upon touching down in Rome, you can tell you have landed in a far-off land. With its busy airport and its even busier streets, Rome carries an energy that cannot be duplicated. Like many big cities, there is always someone who is willing to offer you a ‘deal’ on something. Sometimes this works out well. Other times you think it works out well until you go and check your guidebook and learn that none of the ‘history’ your guide gave you matches the books, or your 4-star hotel turns out to be more of a 2-star dive that posts great pictures online.

Here are some of our best tips for ensuring your limited time in Rome is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

1. Pre-book everything, including your accommodation.

Rome is a big city, with many neighbourhoods. Seek advice and assistance regarding this. There are different advantages to different areas, depending on what your plans are when you are in this great city. Ending up in the perfect neighbourhood will get your trip off to a great start. Picking the wrong one can do the exact opposite.

2. Some ideas on what to see and do (in 48 hours!).

Navigating and adjusting to Rome can be tricky, not to mention stressful when you consider the popularity of some attractions, like the Vatican Museums and Colosseum. We recommend booking in advance where possible. Some of the best attractions offer to skip line tickets, or similar options for small groups, which your agent can book.

If you’re only in town for 48 hours, start exploring on your night of arrival. You’ll enjoy a different perspective on the city, and probably find it easier to adjust to both the time change and the layout of Rome.

In the morning, do a small group tour, strongly recommend this for places like the Vatican. Such a tour allows you easier, faster access to these incredibly popular museums, and gives you the benefit of an expert guide.

On day three, a hop on hop off the bus can be a great way to get around. Yes, it’s you and a bunch of tourists, but this isn’t a bad thing, since it handily connects all the major sights you probably want to see. You can disembark, explore, and re-join the bus at your own pace, so spend some time at the sights you missed the day before.


3. Eat everything!

It is Italy, and the food is even better there than you can imagine. From delicious pasta to fresh salads, the Italians know how to prepare and eat food. If you have the time, we strongly recommend doing a cooking class. Being able to come home and say that you learnt how to make fresh pasta in Italy is a great souvenir that will keep on giving.

4. Live like a local.

Aside from a pasta-making class and sampling the local wine, rise in the morning ready to start the day. Eat a good size meal at lunch, have gelato in the afternoon, and go for a stroll after dinner. Something you can’t help but notice is the number of people out for a stroll after a meal before heading in for the night.

Goway’s Rome Stopover offers you a starting point for ideas. Even with only 48 hours to spend on a trip to Rome, this city will leave you wanting more.


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