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Odysseys by Goway: New Private Guided, Small Group Tours by Goway

June 20, 2024

For over 50 years, Goway has planned tailor-made trips to some of the world’s most exotic destinations and now we proudly introduce our latest line of small group travel experiences guided by Goway: Odysseys by Goway!

Odysseys by Goway are small group vacations and adventures taking travellers to some of the most famous wonders of Asia, Africa, South America, Downunder, and the Middle East.

Odysseys by Goway are designed for longer stays in each destination for a more refined pace and deeper cultural experiences with your group. All Odysseys by Goway include first-class accommodations and are typically one to two weeks long.

Join Professor Goway as he walks and talks you through the amazing selection of Odysseys by Goway packages and see why they are the go-to Small Group departure for the intrepid traveller.




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