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Winter in Iceland: Why You Should Go

The inimitable lure of the northern lights draws many intrepid travellers to Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice, and it is during the cooler months—from September through to the end of March—that guests are most likely to spot the dance of the Aurora Borealis.

With such a remarkable natural phenomenon, it is no wonder that so many make the trip to Iceland during the winter months. Just a short flight from the eastern seaboard of North America (most direct flights from New York City or Toronto take less than six hours), the island nation can be visited with just a weekend to spare, though we recommend spending a minimum of five days.

How to spend your time?

We’ve got all sorts of excellent ideas to ensure an authentic, immersive, and memorable holiday. After arranging your Super Jeep evening excursion in search of the northern lights—a must-have inclusion on any winter departure—consider including an expedition to explore some of the 100-plus volcanoes that dot the landscape. Moss covered lava fields, some of the largest glaciers in Europe, spewing geysers, and the famous Blue Lagoon are all yours to discover, not to mention the lunar landscapes of Lake Mývatn, Þingvellir National Park, and Gullfoss and Goðafoss waterfalls.

Gullfoss Falls

For a more thrilling experience, set out on a snowmobile to track over Langjökull Glacier, capped off with a guided tour of the ice cave. Another popular activity is to set out on a whale-watching cruise. With cetaceans circling the shores year-round, there is no “off-season” for whale watching in Iceland, although the waters are choppier in the winter months, resulting in reduced group sizes as guests who are prone to sea-sickness often forgo the experience during the winter.

Last but not least, the cultural scene in Reykjavik is not to be overlooked. Iceland’s prospering music scene, burgeoning film industry, and unique design elements are hard to miss. The country’s cultural capital, Reykjavik features a charming old town, legendary nightlife, bustling culture, an eclectic music scene, and excellent cuisine, especially for those who enjoy fresh-caught seafood.

Dinner at Rub 23 in Akureyri

Whether setting out for a quick vacation or to explore Iceland in-depth, Goway’s Destination Specialists are here to help! With a range of escorted coach tours, self-drive packages, and tailor-made and private-guided experiences, we have something for everyone. To get started on designing your very own Icelandic adventure, please have a look at our existing travel ideas or better yet, give us a call at 1-800-557-2841 to speak with a Destination Specialist.


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