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3 Ways to Visit Antarctica

Amidst the solitude found on an Antarctica expedition, adventurous travellers can discover an ethereal landscape that lingers in the memory. Very few have ventured onto this appealingly inaccessible continent, but those who have rave about the privilege of gazing upon towering mountains, bulky glaciers, and luminous, dreamlike icebergs. Perhaps more than anywhere else, Antarctica reminds those who visit it of the awesome (and savage) power of nature.
Offering some of the most pristine natural sites in the world, plus the chance to be adventurous by camping on the ice, kayaking by huge rookeries of penguins, or simply enjoying the up to 4 daily landings and 18 hours of daylight, Antarctica is now more than ever the place to be!

Back in the day, Antarctica was a destination for the financially well-to-do and those with a true spirit of adventure. One of those two prerequisites has changed – you no longer need to be a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to travel to one of the world’s last true frontiers. Options now abound to journey to the true downunder destination of Antarctica, and all budgets can now be catered for.

Stunning Ice Formations in Antarctica
Stunning ice formations in Antarctica

4-Day Fly to Antarctica Fly to Antarctica for a day!

8-Day Air, Land and Sea to Antarctica – Fly to the continent and then join a traditional expedition cruise and return to South America by plane.

22-Day Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctica Explorer – Fly to the continent and then join a traditional expedition cruise, and return to South America by ship, crossing the Drake Passage and rounding the Horn. You then fly to Stanley in the Falklands and enjoy a full week at what we consider the next Galapagos Islands, and then journey via South Georgia and the Shetlands to Antarctica or take the traditional route and sail from and return to Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world.

Whalers Church in Grytviken, South Georgia
Whalers Church in Grytviken, South Georgia

Amongst all these options to get to Antarctica, you also have a wide choice of activities when “in country” – though technically, Antarctica is not a country so we need to say “in continent” (not the loss of bladder control way, I must point out).

Ice-climbing, kayaking, photography, painting, trekking (over South Georgia as Shackleton did on his famous journey of escape and survival), and wellness programs are offered on some departures.

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Whale Tail Waving in Antarctica
Get a glimpse of a waving whale tail
Photo Opportunities Abound in Antarctica
Photo opportunities abound in Antarctica

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