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Goway Expert Returns from Cruising the Marquesas Islands in Tahiti

Gemma Adina, one of Goway’s Idyllic Islands experts, returns from a cruise in French Polynesia, exploring the beautiful Marquesas Islands on the brand new Aranui 5. Here, she answers questions to help you sell this cruise and the wonderful Marquesas Islands.

14-Day Aranui Tahitian Cruise

Where did you go on Aranui?

On board Aranui 5, the voyage took off from the beautiful island of Tahiti and headed to the first stop at Takapoto, in the Tuamotu archipelago. Continuing on our journey, we had a full day at sea and I woke up to the towering cliffs, rugged mountains, and a spectacular view of the remote Marquesas Islands, starting with Nuku Hiva. We continued on, stopping daily at these remote islands – Ua Pou, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Tahuata, and Ua Huka. On the way back, I had a chance to swim in the warm waters of Rangiroa, known as one of the world’s best diving spots. To end the cruise on a high note, the last day was spent in Bora Bora.

Gemma Adina - Paul Gauguin's Final Resting Place on the Island of Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, Tahiti
Gemma at Paul Gauguin’s final resting place on the Island of Hiva Oa

What’s new with Aranui 5?

Everything is new on the Aranui 5, with its inaugural sailing on December 15, 2015. The Aranui is a completely new, custom-built passenger and working freighter ship offering a very unique experience. With this new ship, guests have more choice, given the 8 larger and more comfortable cabins to choose from located throughout the eight decks. There is something for everyone. The ship features a restaurant, two lounges, two conference rooms, four bars including one panoramic skybar, outer pool, a boutique, a massage room, and a gym. A significant change is the addition of Bora Bora to the itinerary.

Gemma Adina - Locals Creating Art, Tahiti
Locals creating art

What was the highlight of the trip and why?

I have been to most of the islands of French Polynesia and I have always wondered about the Marquesas. This trip has given me the opportunity to complete my bucket list in this part of the world. Equally compelling was the chance to be fully immersed in the rich Marquesan culture. I brought home with me beautiful memories of the people and their way of life.

What is interesting about the Marquesas? Why is it different from some of the other islands?

Due to its remoteness, the Marquesas Islands are virtually untouched. Their isolation is a sense of immense pride among the local people and their colourful culture. In contrast to the other islands of French Polynesia, Marquesas boasts towering peaks, lush valleys, ancient religious sites, fjord-like bays, and waterfalls. Natural wonders abound, coupled with rich historical significance. The island of Hiva Oa is the final resting place of poet, Jacques Brel and artist, Paul Gauguin.

Gemma Adina - Posing with Local Entertainers on the Aranui, Tahiti.
Gemma posing with local entertainers on board the Aranui

What kind of traveller would you recommend experience Aranui?

I recommend an Aranui cruise to clients who are looking for adventure, whether it be hiking, diving, or other variety of activities. The Marquesas Islands have so much to offer for nature lovers. Clients who are into culture and history will find lectures on board and actual interaction with local people very interesting. For those who have done other cruises, Aranui is a totally different experience, starting from the ship and its crew to the remote islands visited. The average age found on my recent trip was 65, but passengers of all ages enjoyed each other’s company and formed friendships.

What is your top tip for agents selling Aranui?

It is extremely important that clients are fully aware of the itinerary and the vessel style of the Aranui, as it is not your traditional cruise. This is an active cruise with a lot of walking, going up and down the ship, and of course, the excursions. Therefore, clients should be active and fit to really enjoy and take advantage of all that Aranui has to offer. Meals, wine during meals, and most of the excursions are included in the price. The cruise is a good value and great way to visit a number of islands in the Marquesas.

14-Day Aranui Tahitian Cruise

Special Offer:

Goway is currently offering our 14-Day Aranui Tahitian Cruise from $3,168US / $4,119CA, with the following inclusions:

  • 14 day cruise
  • All meals, including picnics and meal on shore
  • Complimentary wine with meals
  • Guided excursions
  • Port, cruise, and tourism taxes

Gemma Adina
Gemma Adina

Gemma has travelled extensively and been to most of the Idyllic Islands. For over 14 years, she has been an expert at custom-designing travel arrangements to destinations such as Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, Bali, Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius.

You can contact Gemma by email at [email protected].


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