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5 Reasons to Join Goway’s Private Facebook Group for Travel Agents

At Goway, we strive to support our community of globetrotters. Our travel partners and fellow travel professionals are a key part of this community, which is why we have a private Facebook group that’s only for travel professionals.

This group of over 8,000 verified travel professionals allows pros like yourself to chat with Goway’s team of experts, ask questions, and get instant feedback from the wider travel community. It offers a real-time feed of the happenings at Goway and in the world of travel.

Not a member yet? Watch our video and read on to learn five reasons why you should apply to join today.

1. Get Direct Access to Goway’s Team of Experts

We live in the age of social media, and while Goway’s Destination Specialists remain just a call or email away, sometimes you want to chat in a more public forum on the platforms you already use day in and day out. That’s why it’s so appealing to be a member of Goway’s private Travel Agent group on Facebook. You can send direct messages to Goway Account Managers, post questions for specific divisions, and interact in comments threads. It offers direct access and is all out in the open. It’s easy, fast, and transparent.

2. Get Daily Tips, Insights, and Deals

Every day, Goway’s Sales team shares selling tips, industry trends, inspirational travel stories, insights into destinations around the world, or great deals on trips with Goway. As a member of this group, you get your one-stop-shop for news and deals right on your Facebook feed. Not only that, but you’ll often get insights and deals before they come out through email or web channels. You’re in the insider’s club now.

3. Chat, Share Ideas, and Ask for Advice from Travel Partners

Ever want to know something super specific about a destination or trip inclusion that a Google search can’t answer? Luckily, you can post on the Goway Travel Agent Facebook group and rely on the knowledge of over 8,000 travel professionals like yourself to help you out. On the Facebook group, you can ask questions, share ideas and insights, and chat with fellow travel agents. Start a dialogue and rely on the expertise of others. In turn, you can help others out. The group offers access to a community you already belong to. It’s a tool for engaging with and learning from others.

4. Get Real-Time Goway Updates

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that plans can change in a hurry. Luckily, when things happen in the travel industry, whether a destination opening or closing, or some last-minute information about a specific Goway product, you’ll hear about it in real-time in the Goway Travel Agent Facebook group. Think of the group as a real-time news feed of what is happening at Goway. If you need to know, you’ll see it there.

5. Get Updates on FAMs, Webinars & Bonus Incentives

Similar to the above point, the Travel Agent Facebook group is a great place to get the latest updates on Goway’s FAM offers, webinars about destinations and news around the world, and bonus incentives that reward you for your hard work. If a webinar is rescheduled or a FAM has just been added to Goway’s offerings, you’ll hear about it on the Facebook group and have a chance to ask questions and get answers directly from Goway’s travel experts.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, join today.


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