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A Good Tour Director is Key to Group Travel Success

The ultimate success of a tailor-made group tour depends a great deal on the tour director. They are the glue that keeps every passenger happy and content, utilizing their great people and organizational skills. 

They also nearly always have some stories to tell!  

Though she’s now retired, Pene Hollingworth says that in her tour-leading career she has been a nurse, a lawyer, an accountant, a marriage counselor, a therapist, a dispute mediator, an electrician, a dietician, and a timekeeper! She has brought her groups successfully through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, snowstorms, power outages, and strikes. She has searched for false teeth, glasses, hearing aids, passports, and even a few lost passengers!  

Pene says that patience and a sense of humor are key assets, “especially when you get a 2am call from a passenger to come and fix her suitcase or having to answer funny questions like ‘When do they celebrate Christmas in Australia?’ or “Do our hotels have bathrooms?’ And what do you do when the coach breaks down on the side of a busy highway? In our case, you get out and break open the snacks and beverages and have a party!”    

Whether on a customized group tour or on one of Goway’s Holidays of Lifetime tours, good tour directors are the key to the success of the tour and to securing happy passengers that will want to book with you again and again.

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