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Top 6 Group Travel Themes for 2024

Group travel is poised to be one of the largest travel trends in 2024, and for good reason. The cost savings, safety benefits, ease of planning, and sharing of experiences with others make group travel an appealing option for many. Here are our top six group travel themes your clients will be looking for in 2024 as the demand for unique travel experiences continues to grow.  

1. Travelling with Friends 

Nothing brings people together quite like travel, and embarking on an adventure with those closest to you is a tale as old as time. Travelling with friends is one of the most popular reasons our clients book a group trip, whether it be a group of college friends seeking new horizons or lifelong friends looking to reconnect. Goway Groups Only tailor-made itineraries cater to the unique interests of your clients and their friends, bringing them closer together as they create lifelong memories and maybe even new friends! 

2. Multi-Generational Family travel

Planning and going on a group trip can often be stressful, but this shouldn’t get in the way of your clients exploring new places and enjoying new experiences with their families. Group vacations are highly flexible, with options catering to all ages and interests, ensuring any trip with the entire family is full of engaging experiences suitable for everyone. Goway Groups Only will help you handle all the ins and outs of your client’s family trips, leaving them with nothing to do but enjoy quality time together as they seamlessly explore the world. 

3. Sports 

The Australian Open and Aspen’s Winter X Games kicked off 2024’s action-packed sports schedule excitingly, breaking records and crowning new champions. One of the best parts of sports is cheering with fellow fans, and devoted sports fans are committed to supporting their favourite athletes. Catering to sporting groups, whether cheering on their compatriots at the 2024 Paris Olympics or playing a friendly round of golf in Scotland, requires meticulous attention to detail. Your clients will cheer just as loudly for you and Goway Groups Only commitment to bringing them into the heart of the action. 

4. Culinary & Wine 

Like travel, sharing a meal with others is one of the oldest traditions fostering connections among friends, family, and strangers. Goway Groups Only’s Culinary & Wine group trips will allow your clients to experience the world through its culinary delights and traditions with good company, from the controlled chaos of Thailand’s street vendors to the haute dining in France, and the endless wine in Napa Valley. Positioning group travel along gastronomic exploration is a reliable way to get your clients out the door en route to profound connections and delicious food and drink they can’t possibly enjoy alone.  

5. Wellness & Mindfulness 

Many of today’s globetrotters are prioritizing experiences centred on mental and physical health, genuine connections with people and nature, sustainability, and personal growth. Whether yoga retreats in Bali, mindfulness workshops with regional experts, or sustainable nature endeavours, Goway Groups Only tailor-made experiences cater to those seeking a holistic approach to life with other like-minded travellers. Enrich how your clients explore, connect, and appreciate the world on a wellness and mindfulness retreat. 

6. Culture & Heritage 

Culture and heritage group travel is a rising trend easily combined with all types of group travel. These group trips are all about sharing stories of the past that shaped the world as we see it today, whether exploring ancient ruins in Rome, participating in traditional ceremonies in Kyoto, or marvelling at the vibrant festivals in India. Your clients can expect to gain a profound understanding of the world’s cultural diversity while forging lasting memories with fellow travellers who share their passion for authentic encounters and meaningful connections on Goway Groups Only packages. 


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