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Belize Open to Globetrotters from Mid-August

From August 15, Belize will join Costa Rica in re-opening its borders to visitors, continuing Central America’s gradual return to international tourism with Covid-19 safety top of mind.

Belize’s international airport will reopen August 15, 2020, with United Airlines restarting Belize City service that day. American Airlines will return August 18, with Delta Airlines returning September 3.

The country’s early response to the Covid-19 crisis and stringent government safety protocols has kept Belize’s case count low, with just 48 coronavirus cases as of July 27. The total population of Belize is close to 450,000.

Strict safety protocols will be in place when globetrotters do return, with airport markers guiding people on social distancing and airport authorities enforcing the use of masks. Baggage will be scanned and sanitized and arriving visitors will have to demonstrate that they’ve been tested for coronavirus within the previous 72 hours. Those without such documentation will be tested at the airport at their own expense. If they test positive, they will be directed to a hotel for a mandatory quarantine.

Only government approved hotels will be open to international visitors, creating a “tourism-safe corridor.” Guests wanting to leave their hotel grounds on excursions will only be able to do so with a recognized tour operator. Hotels will have recommendations of approved bars, restaurants, entertainment and activities to keep guests active and safe.

Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, as well as pristine cayes (small sand islands), coastline, and thick jungle rich with remnants of Mayan Culture. It is a land that combines the best jungle and sea activities Central America has to offer.

The new normal will see many countries enforcing health and safety protocols to once again welcome the world back to their shores. Goway supports these steps toward reopening our world, and ensuring travel remains safe for our globetrotters and the local communities that welcome them.

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