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How To “Cure” the Common Day Tour For Your Groups

We have all been on the half or full day city tour where we catch flashes of daily life, spurts of activity and glimpses of history and culture without ever stepping out of the coach. For the Gobetrotting group traveller, coach windows have now become barriers rather than portals to our exotic world.

Goway’s Groups Department is here to change that. Our goal is to get the group out of the coach, enjoying an all-senses experience, rather than just watching life go by from behind a window.

Below is a sample of some of our favorite ‘cures’ for the common group tour. With our exotic range of destinations, we can mix and match these suggestions in most itineraries for most countries.

  • Another meal; another set menu… meet the chef at the local market and help buy and prepare your lunch, or dinner, or both.
  • Is the local guide droning on about another ruin or crumbling building? Meet the archaeologist or local historian and get a ‘hands on’ tour.
  • So you think you can dance? Don’t just watch the demonstration. Jump on the dance floor and swoon with your partner at a Tango lesson, jive the night away at a Samba school, or waltz along with Strauss in a pristine alpine setting.
  • Ever wonder what is in that bottle? Stroll through the grape vines with the vintner and discover the wine-making process from grape to glass.
  • Want to give a helping hand? Visit an orphanage, school, or women’s centre or even volunteer for the day in a local village.
  • Are we there yet? Besides the obligatory toilet and lunch stops, break up the journey with spontaneous stops to soak up the local flavour – often literally. It could be at a deli, an ice cream shop, a fruit stand, a garden nursery, a village market, or even an outdoor musical event or parade.
  • Tired of ‘following the brollie’ with hordes of tourists? Organize a private ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour or experience.
  • Want to get out of the coach and stay off? Go on a guided walking tour instead and soak up the sights and sounds. Use a combination of local transport to connect your day’s adventures. This could mean buses, trains, subways, pedicabs, taxis, rickshaws, or even horses and elephants.
  • Wonder what the locals are eating? Meet the family and join them for a hosted dinner in their home.
  • Tired of early wake-up calls? Let your group sleep in and include a room service breakfast one morning.

Our GroupsOnly Department are experts at customising unique, innovative and interactive itineraries for 10 or more passengers traveling together to our global destinations in the South Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Our Group Coordinators are destination specialists that begin from the ground up to develop the best itinerary for your passengers. The more information we have at the itinerary planning stage, including your proposed selling price, special interests of the group, average age and fitness level etc., the more it will help in creating an exciting and unique itinerary developed just for them.

The goal with every group itinerary is to make sure it is sellable in the marketplace. With Goway’s GroupsOnly expertise, the ‘cures’ in every itinerary will help ensure your group spaces are filled every time.


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